Dem. Candidate Jon Ossoff Opposes Georgians’ Right to Self-Defense on Campus

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David Goldman/AP

Jon Ossoff–the Democrat’s candidate for Georgia’s 6th District–talks pro-gun but actually opposes Georgians’ right to self-defense on public college and university campuses.

For example, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Ossoff opposed the campus carry legislation which Gov. Nathan Deal (R) recently signed into law. He said, “As we prepare young people in Georgia for the high-tech economy, they should be able to sit in class without worrying whether the student next to them has a Glock on their hip.”

On April 16, 2007, students at Virginia Tech University were prohibited from having a Glock–or any other gun–with them for self-defense, creating the very in-class environment which Ossoff wanted for Georgians. April 16, 2007, was also the day that 32 innocents were unable to defend themselves when an attacker opened fire in the Virginia Tech gun-free zone.

On August 30, 2016, The College Fix reported that student Nicholas Roland survived the attack and now campaigns for campus carry because the “worst situation is to have no defense back.” Roland stressed that police could not respond fast enough to protect unarmed, law-abiding students under fire.

It is interesting to note that after opposing Georgians’ right to self-defense on campus, Ossoff took a page out of the Democrat playbook and claimed he still supports the Second Amendment; he talked about growing up around guns. Democrats in Washington, DC normally take the same approach when pushing gun control for Americans. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) exemplified this when he tried to defend his gun control push as a “gun safety” push instead. This tact allows him to push gun control yet simultaneously claim to be pro-gun.

While Ossoff opposes Georgians’ right to self-defense on campus, the Republican candidate for Georgia 6, Karen Handel, supports it. Through a spokesperson, Handel commented on the campus carry legislation, saying, “This bill treats law abiding 21-year olds responsible enough to go through the process of a background check and acquiring a concealed weapons permit like the adults they are.”

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