Georgia Cops Bust Illegal Alien Brothel

illegal alien

Illegal aliens operated a brothel just around the corner from a police station in Canton, Georgia.

The bordello was shut down by a police raid on Monday, which detained the five illegal immigrants, according to WSB-TV 2. The station reported:

There are shops and professional offices on both sides of the street, but employees that Petersen spoke with Tuesday said they had no idea what was going on in the small house halfway down the block.

“I can’t believe that. Oh my God! I would go out there by myself to throw out trash all the time,” office worker Chandra Richardson told Petersen…

The landlord, who owns the house, lives a couple of doors down. He would not go on camera but told Petersen he had no idea anything illegal was going on there. He said the tenant always paid his rent on time and always paid with cash.

Georgia has a large and growing population of legal immigrants and illegal aliens, largely because Democrats and Republicans quietly endorse the inflow of migrants, who provide cheap labor for GOP-affiliated business groups, and who serve as consumers of business and government services. The inflow has a huge impact on Georgians’ ability to find well-paying jobs. 

Canton police told WSB-TV2 that “they suspect there may be other operations like this one run by illegal immigrants.” In fact, the Department of Justice periodically announces large-scale sweeps of people involved in underage prostitution. 

Activists who favor increased immigration insist illegal aliens and legal immigrants have a lower crime rate than Americans, even though the migrants do add to the total number of crimes in the nation. 

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