Muslim Group Displays ‘Truthful Man’ Billboard to Counter ‘Perfect Man’ Billboard in Indianapolis

Bangladeshi Muslims read Quran at a Madrasa during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 22, 2016. Muslims around the world are observing the holy fasting month of Ramadan, celebrated with prayers, readings from the Quran, and gatherings with family and friends as they abstain from …
Sipa via AP Images

A Muslim group responded to a billboard mocking Muhammad as a “perfect man” by installing a billboard of its own not too far from its location on an Indiana highway.

GainPeace, the Muslim group behind the new billboard, named the ad campaign the “truthful man” to reference the title of the original billboard that sparked its creation, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The billboard, placed on I-465 near Indianapolis not too far from the “perfect man” billboard, reads, “The truth about Muhammad. Get a free book on his life. Call 800-662-ISLAM.”

According to the group, anyone who calls that number can ask any question they want about Muhammad and is eligible to receive a free biography about Muhammad.

The group said the billboard is one phase of a six-week campaign it put together to raise awareness of their prophet Muhammad.

Other facets of the campaign include a mass-mail campaign where the organization will send 15,000 postcards about Muhammad and a web campaign that involves the creation of a  30-second video that will be able to be shared on social media.

The organization plans to keep the billboard up until July 30.


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