**Live Updates** Donald Trump Holds Rally in Arizona

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President Donald Trump will hold a huge campaign rally in scorching Phoenix, Arizona, this evening, a day after he flip-flopped on one of his major campaign promises by sounding like a “classic neocon” during his Monday speech on Afghanistan.

Trump will rally his supporters as reports surface that his administration may be more willing than ever to give permanent amnesty to those who received President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty as part of a larger comprehensive immigration deal.

There are other subplots to watch as well. Kelli Ward, who is challenging “Never Trump” Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), will be at the rally while Sheriff Joe Arpaio will reportedly not get a pardon tonight. Some have wondered if Trump will also attack Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who is battling an aggressive brain cancer. And Phoenix’s Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat, said he hoped Trump would not come to Phoenix after Charlottesville. Trump also canceled a planned visit to the U.S.-Mexico border earlier in the day.

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12:35: This IS CNN:

12:30: CNN reporter on the ground says agitators were looking to “confront” Trump supporters who were leaving the venue.


12:15: CNN going all-in on “fitness.” Lemon now asking if TRUMP is a threat to national security.

12:05: As Fareed Zakaria said last night…

12:01: Don Lemon, who falsely smeared Breitbart News as a site for Nazis, thinks Trump is trying to start a civil war? Video HERE.

11:52: Acosta keeps on trolling:


11:39: Brian Williams has to point out that Trump “trolled” the protesters. Some reporters seem to be indicating that people dressed like “Antifa” were the agitators.

Navarro says Trump has dementia:





11:32: On MSNBC, The Washington Post’s Bob Costa compares Trump’s speech to his twitter feed — he says the cheers from the audience served as re-tweets.

11:28: CNN’s David Chalian says “this is evidence” why Senators like Bob Corker have questioned Trump’s stability. CNN going all-on on Trump’s stability.

Hillary Clinton adviser getting nasty:

11:26: CNN’s Don Lemon on the attack: “Total eclipse of the facts.” He says Trump is “unhinged” and like a “petty” “child” who “opened up the race wound from Charlottesville.” He says Trump lied to Americans and rewrote history. He wonders if Trump is “stable.” “Petty.” “Small.”

11: 25: Trump now talking about tax reform, and he says Democrats will want to block it. “I really hope you are going to come over to our side,” he says of Dem. Senators.

11:20: Trump talking about renegotiating NAFTA and withdrawing the U.S. from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.

11:15: Still a popular line:

11:12: Charles Blow, who falsely and maliciously defamed Breitbart News as a site for Nazis, is scared:

11:10: Does he think he will beat him? Will enough Dems make that bet?

11:05: Trump calling out Messrs. McCain and Flake without naming them. Trump also talking about military making “sacrifices.”

10:57: Trump now calling for elimination of filibuster. “We have to speak to Mitch,” he says.

Blue-collar Dem who got the votes of many “deplorables” slams Trump:

10:53: FINALLY, Trump says he’ll build the wall. And he blames “obstructionist” Democrats for standing against the border wall and border security. He says immigration security is part of national security. He says we need to keep “radical Islamic terrorists” out of the country. He didn’t mention “radical Islamic terrorism” yesterday, so it seems like Messrs. McMaster, Kelly, Mattis did not craft this speech.

(The West Wing Dems may still think “Gary Cohn” and “Goldman Sachs” get the most raucous reactions.)

10:46: Trump says he’s going to make a prediction, and he thinks Sheriff Joe will be “just fine.” He says he won’t pardon him tonight because he doesn’t want to cause any “controversy.” Trump speaking out against illegal immigration and illegal-immigrant gangs like MS-13. Trump says he is “liberating” towns on Long Island.

10:45: Trump says he wouldn’t be in the White House had it not been for his “social media.” He says the media are “sick people” for criticizing his tweets. He says the media “don’t want to make our country great again.” He says “if you want to discover the source of the division” in the country, “look no further than” the “fake news” media. He’s now going after the New York Times and he says the Times basically apologized to him after he won the election.

10:43: Trump wants Americans to challenge the media for “fomenting” violence and for trying to take away our heritage and history. “These are really dishonest people,” he said.

Trump says he believes most of the media “don’t like our country.” He says the only people giving a platform to these hate groups are the media.

10:40: Trump bragging that he is more “elite” than the media because he went to fancier schools (and got better grades), lives in a bigger penthouse, and lives in the White House.

10:30: Trump bashes the media for not reporting that he condemned racism. He criticizes CNN for firing Jeffrey Lord. Note: CNN fired Lord for mocking Nazis with a “Sieg Heil!” tweet even though at least three of their personalties have falsely defamed and smeared Breitbart News as a site for Nazis.

Americans don’t like media’s obsessions. And they love Trump for fighting back and not taking it like so many feeble Republicans have before.

10:20: Trump says the entire arena is united against the “thugs” who perpetuated violence in Charlottesville. He lashes out at the “dishonest media” and the crowd boos. Trump says he condemned the Nazis and the KKK and called for love and unity. Trump says he is doing this to show how “damned dishonest” they are. He talks about his home in Charlottesville and is about to read his first statement after Charlottesville. He says he doesn’t want to bore the crowd with this but he has to scratch the itch. Crowd chanting “CNN Sucks!” Trump now going after ABC (he doesn’t watch it much but he was watching “little George Stephanopoulos”) and blasts ABC for obsessing about Charlottesville.

10:15: Trump says his supporters have always understood what Washington, DC did not. He says his movement is based on love of those who are struggling and left behind. Trump emphasizing that he will fight for “forgotten Americans.” The blue-collar billionaire may have a tough time making that case when Javanka goes to Sun Valley and Whistler and his Treasury Secretary’s wife uses Instagram like a spoiled teenager. How in the world do you pronounce Hermes anyway? The late Richard Holbrooke liked their ties, though.

10:12: Trump says that this was the scene of his first rally speech. He said his crowds were so big that people knew there was something happening here. Trump says “we went to center stage and we never left.” He thanks his supporters for being there for him every step of the way. “I will never forget,” he says.

Trump says he is here to send a message. He is fully committed to fighting for our agenda and “we will not stop until the job is done.”

10:10: Trump takes the stage. Crowd chants “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Trump thanks Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Alveda King,  and Rev. Franklin Graham:

“What a crowd,” he says.

10:05: VP Pence says Trump is the best friend the military can have and ISIS is on the run.

9:50: #MAGA:


9:45: Dedicated Trump supporters lined up early to get into the rally and braved some extreme heat:

9:20: Dr. Ben Carson expected to address the crowd tonight Arizona.

9:15: Some Trump supporters scuffled with agitators.



Some left-wing supporters came with guns (will the media freak out?). Trump supporters forced to walk through the “Walk of shame”:





Arpaio speaks:

8:00: Laura Ingraham–whose endorsement and campaign events for Dave Brat was monumental in helping oust then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor–endorses Kelli Ward:

7:30 ET:


May be great advice. Best burgers–and secret menu…and spread—in the world (Personal observation….not an official endorsement):

Scene at rally site:

These are just great Americans, and the media need to stop demonizing Trump supporters.




***Coming Soon*** Watch out of the Pac-12 this year, folks (Trees > Devils).

PHX–You are going to love this former Kansas Jayhawk:

Protesters lining up:

— ***Programming break*** A friendly reminder that college basketball season will be here soon and football season can’t come fast enough. Here’s hoping Mr. Miller brings home a title to Tuscon this year. #UofA! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since Fullerton’s Miles Simon led Arizona to a magical title run (they knocked off three no.1 seeds and sure made their free throws versus Kentucky in overtime in the title game).

— Does Flake regret voting for his milquetoast whom consultants in the permanent political class used to get media time and line their pockets? Principles? Child, please. As of May of 2017, Evan McMullin’s campaign was reportedly still nearly $700,00 in debt. 

— No pardon for Sheriff Joe:

–Whoa nellie. It’s hot, hot, hot all across Arizona:

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