‘Ooti’ Uterus Emoji Sticker Supports Planned Parenthood

A recently released sticker set app that depicts a cartoon “uterus” will donate all of

A recently released sticker set app that depicts a cartoon “uterus” will donate all of its proceeds to support abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

“Meet Ooti, the uterus,” says the sticker’s website. “Ooti is an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink. You can catch Ooti drinking cold brew, wasting time on the phone, and, of course, swiping.”

The emoji’s press statement continues:

Ooti’s here so we can celebrate this amazing reproductive organ as well as support the fantastic health services Planned Parenthood provides. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood so they can continue offering accessible care to those who need it.

“Apple pockets 30% of all app sales, taxes will also be accounted for, but the remaining amount will be donated in full to Planned Parenthood,” the app’s FAQ section clarifies.

Part of the sticker set includes a “pink pussy hat” that many Planned Parenthood supporters have been wearing in women’s marches around the country.

The uterus app was created by Ivy Hu and can be downloaded from the Apple Store for $1.99. The uterus character has its own Twitter and Instagram accounts as well:

One reviewer stated, “Saw this featured in Huffington Post, so thought I’d give it a shot, since it’s going to a great cause (Planned Parenthood),” and another said, “Saw in HuffPo and I always like to use an emoji for emphasis so what’s better than an adorable cartoon uterus holding a succulent? Not much friends, not much.”

Though the press announcement refers to Planned Parenthood’s “fantastic health services,” the abortion vendor’s own latest annual report shows that many of its non-abortion services have decreased, while its abortions and profits have increased.

Planned Parenthood’s annual report indicates its total number of patients, contraception services, prenatal services, and cancer screening and prevention services have all dropped.

Americans United for Life’s President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster said about the annual report:

Despite reports that the number of abortions performed in the United States is declining, Planned Parenthood once again reports an increase in the number of human lives ended in their facilities: 328,348 abortions last year. Additionally, despite their repeated claims that American women rely on them for life-saving health care services, many of their non-abortion services have continued to decrease.

The authors of a new report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) also find that Planned Parenthood depends primarily on its abortion-centered business model – and is not a significant provider of medical care in the United States, despite its self-promotion as an “irreplaceable” and “life-saving” healthcare provider.

The report observes that Planned Parenthood provides less than 1.4 percent of the nation’s HIV tests and less than 1 percent of pap tests and that in the last five years, service-to-client ratios for breast exams and pap tests have declined by 37 percent.

“There is little or no demonstrable capability for definitive diagnosis or a range of treatments for any disease or condition at Planned Parenthood centers,” write CLI President Chuck Donovan and Vice President and Director of Data Analytics Dr. James Studnicki. “With the exception of abortion, Planned Parenthood does not provide any service that is not easily available from alternative providers.”


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