Dr. Kelli Ward Slams Jeff Flake: It’s ‘Your Job to Make the Other Senators Hungry’ for Obamacare Repeal

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Former Arizona state senator Kelli Ward laid into Sen. Jeff Flake on Breitbart News Sunday radio on SiriusXM for his continuing never-Trump campaign and his obstruction of the Trump Administration agenda that Americans voted for in 2016.

“His popularity wasn’t very high before he started on this anti-Trump tirade that he has been on,” Ward said in reference to recent polling that shows her leading Flake by double digits.

Ward pointed to Flake’s history as a never-Trumper during the 2016 presidential primary election, Flake’s statement that he wouldn’t even make Trump his 14th choice, wouldn’t vote for Trump, and that Flake’s opposition to now-President Donald Trump was used by Democrats to campaign for their 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton against then-candidate Trump.

Ward told host Matthew Boyle and Breitbart News Sunday listeners of Flake:

He came out with his book , his manifesto to conservatives basically putting us down and belittling us because we just don’t know what’s happening in D.C. and in the world and he needs to tell us, he needs to pat us on the head and tell us what conservatism really is all about, forgetting that the election of 2016 was a mandate here in our country for people who want what Donald Trump told us he was going to give us once he got into the White House: the secure border, stop illegal immigration, repeal Obamacare, fix the tax code, grow the economy, make sure the military is the strongest military in the world. Those are the things that people want and those are the things that Jeff Flake and other people that did well in the swamp are standing in the way of.

Ward called this obstruction “unacceptable.”

Ward’s Senate campaign has seen PAC money flow in, high profile conservatives endorse her in her primary challenge against Flake, and Trump’s tweet that he was glad that Ward is running against Flake.

Ward fully backed Trump’s decision to pardon Sherif Joe Arpaio: “[Arpaio] was enforcing our immigration laws and so the president was completely within his constitutional and his presidential authority to offer a pardon after Sheriff Joe was, in a politically motivated prosecution, taken down, so-to-speak, by an Obama-appointed judge.”

“The leadership in the Senate and the House need to get their acts together and start putting this America First agenda first,” said Ward who criticized the political bickering in Washington.

“I don’t want to hear from Senator Flake that there’s no appetite for full repeal of Obamacare. Senator, it is your job to make the other Senators hungry for that repeal, not wring your hands and just say there’s nothing you can do,” exclaimed Ward.

In May Flake told some 150 local Chamber of Commerce members that Republicans weren’t close to repealing Obamacare, were unlikely to vote to do so before the August recess, and that Republicans may well not repeal Obama’s health insurance mandate, according to the Washington Post.

“Doing what’s right is not always easy and we’ve seen that these guys want the easy road,” she continued.

Ward said the border wall funding is extremely important. She made the comments as someone who has been to the southern border, addomg that border security is national security. She pointed to the importance of not only funding the wall, but also providing Border Patrol agents with the tools that they need to do their jobs.

Ward suggested that McConnell affiliated groups are attacking conservatives like herself because they are afraid of losing establishment elected officials who keep the “status quo” in Washington, D.C.

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