Fox News’ Fleischer Agrees with CNN’s Zeleny: Trump Didn’t Show Enough ‘Empathy’ in Texas

Emerging from a briefing on disaster relief in Corpus Christi, President Donald Trump climbed up a ladder for an impromptu address to a mix of supporters and banner-waving protesters gathered outside

Former President George W. Bush press secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer agreed with CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny that President Donald Trump did not show enough empathy when he visited Texas on Tuesday.

“I was with President Bush when he went to see the devastation caused by fires in Missouri and Arizona and tornadoes in Missouri,” Fleischer reportedly said on Fox News, according to The Hill. “There was something missing from what President Trump said, that’s the empathy for the people who suffer.”

On CNN, Zeleny, the left-wing reporter who once asked former President Barack Obama what “enchanted” him about the White House, also echoed what seemed to be the talking point of the day among Trump critics.

“One thing I am struck by here, seeing all the stories of emotion, all the stories of loss, of devastation still unfolding — we do not know the extent of the damage here — very little in terms of empathy from this president,” Zeleny reportedly said, according to Mediaite. “Very little in terms of emotion or talking directly to the people of Texas.”

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Corpus Christi, Texas, to get briefed on the various Hurricane Harvey rescue and recovery efforts.


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