Woman Allegedly Severed Husband’s Penis While He Slept Because He Played Too Much Golf

Erin Hills Golf Club
David Cannon/Getty Images

A woman in South Korea allegedly severed her husband’s penis while he slept because she claimed he played too much golf.

The Daily Mail reports that the 50-year-old woman, only known as Mrs. Kim, allegedly flushed the severed organ down the toilet while neighbors heard her 54-year-old husband groaning in pain.

One neighbor went to the couple’s apartment to investigate where the loud groans were coming from when he discovered a man writhing on the floor in agony.

The Jeju Weekly reports that the woman’s husband is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Local reports say that Mrs. Kim’s husband had mistreated and abused her. The woman claimed that her husband spent too much time playing golf and never gave her any money.

Police are currently trying to find a motive before they serve Mrs. Kim with an arrest warrant.

There have been other instances where attackers allegedly cut off their victims’ genitals as acts of revenge.

In 2015, a Japanese man allegedly cut off a man’s penis because he suspected the victim had been having an affair with his wife.


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