WATCH: Florida Women Use Car to Keep Alleged Drunk Driver from Hitting Others

WATCH Good Samaritan risks own life to stop drunk driver in Florida

Three women who found themselves trailing an alleged drunk driver on a Florida highway took matters into their own hands to stop her, according to video footage capturing the incident.

The women filmed alleged drunk driver Brittany Sharp, 25, for nine minutes before using their car as a shield to ensure she would not hit anybody else, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows the three women trailing Sharp’s white Chevrolet Cavalier on I-75, watching her weave in and out of lanes, hitting curbs, and becoming dangerously close to hitting other vehicles on the road.

One passenger in the car called 911 while the other streamed the incident on Facebook Live.

The three good Samaritans passed the Chevrolet and hit the brakes towards the end of the video, forcing the alleged drunk driver to stop suddenly and rear-end their car.

The witnesses told police moments before the crash that the driver appeared to be asleep behind the wheel.

Other cars on the road blocked Sharp’s vehicle following the crash to ensure she would not get away before police arrived at the scene.

Once Florida highway troopers arrived, they spoke with dozens of witnesses before arresting Sharp and transporting her to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries, HuffPost reported.

Police charged Sharp with DUI, careless driving, and driving with a suspended license. She is due back in court September 18.

Police commended the women for calling 911, but do not recommend drivers take matters into their own hands when dealing with alleged drunk drivers.


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