GOP Establishment’s Steve Schmidt Calls for ‘Breitbart News’ to Be ‘Put Out of Business’

Steve Schmidt
AP/Mary Altaffer

MSNBC ‘s Steve Schmidt, the GOP ace who ran the 2008 McCain campaign, the Einstein unable to defeat the most leftwing senator in America — a Chicago machine politician guilty of palling around with domestic terrorists and worshiping for 20 years in a racist church — now wants to reward millions of illegal aliens with amnesty and put Americans out of work — specifically those of us who work for Breitbart News.

During an appearance on Morning Joe late last week, a show so popular and influential it is currently in a ratings death-struggle for last place with Chris “The Fredo” Cuomo*, a frustrated and obviously bitter Schmidt launched into a tirade against “right-wing media,” something he would never have the moral courage to do against “left-wing media” —  which is why he lost so badly in 2008. His heart just is not in it.

Partial transcript courtesy of NewsBusters:

SCHMIDT: What we’re about to see here [over the proposed DACA amnesty]  is a lot of screaming, a lot of yelling, a lot out of histrionics out of the, out of this right-wing media-entertainment-wing of the Republican Party. … And what we’re going to find is if these guys don’t bend is that this group of people who have so dominated our politics, injected this anger, this vitriol, they’re powerless. Put them out of business. That’s what the opportunity right now for this country is.

At this point Joe Scarborough emphasized Schmidt’s point by quoting a poll and NBC’s Willie Geist jumped in, not out of a sense of alarm over Schmidt’s desire to put news outlets out of business, but out of a curiosity as to how such a wonderful thing might be accomplished:

GEIST: What does that mean Steve? How do you put them out of business?

SCHMIDT: You put them out of business by pretending they have actual influence. That there is a majority of people in this country who subscribe to these absurd positions that are propagated on Breitbart, on the talk radio wing of the Republican Party.

Does this not sum up the entire GOP establishment?

By putting patriotic Americans out of work, Schmidt is desperate to silence right-wing opinions (but never left-wing opinions), and he is just as desperate to cancel out our vote by legalizing millions of illegals — who will also steal jobs from law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants.

This is just who these fascists are.

The left, the media, the Republican establishment… They all see illegal aliens in the same way, as a means to replace those of us they hate with a more compliant citizenry, a group that will be easier to control than those of us who fight against the central planners and for our personal liberty; for our jobs and to not have our vote canceled out by those who did not follow the rules.

Schmidt and his ilk see freedom of speech, in the form of Breitbart News and talk radio, as a bigger threat to our country than a foreign invasion. If Breitbart and Hannity and Rush are silenced and unemployed, if all of America looks like Southern California, that is their vision of the future — one in which they are the unopposed ruling elite.

This is the true face of America’s #TrueCons.

*”Fredo” is no way meant to reference Chris Cuomo’s Italian heritage, but rather the fact that he is quite obviously the idiot son of the Cuomo family.

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