Larry Pratt: Some Brits Never Learn


Piers Morgan has a way of reminding Americans why we are no longer British.

Piers Morgan, a long-time guest of America who even hosted a show on CNN, continuously irritated his American cousins by acting as if he were a misbehaving British butler.

Recently, Morgan tweeted that our Bill of Rights should be amended — specifically, “both 1st & 2nd Amendments.”

Of course, that’s just what you were thinking — that some of our core constitutional protections need to be changed because a snide-talking Brit says so, right? Morgan is so fond of lecturing Americans about how we got our War for Independence wrong that he even got himself canned from liberal CNN.

Speaking of getting fired, Morgan’s career exemplifies the Peter Principle in operation — namely, that an employee will eventually rise to the level of his or her incompetence.

Such has been the case with Piers Morgan. Every time he discredits himself or gets fired, he lands on his feet in another cushy position. In 2000, while at the London Daily Mirror, Morgan was reportedly found to have engaged in insider trading by the Press Complaints Commission. The Mirror finally had to fire him in 2004 when he published photographs subsequently shown to be false. They confessed to their readers that “We were hoaxed” by his fake photographs.

This is the guy who fell off a Segway in 2007 and broke several ribs. Pay no attention to his derisive comment when George Bush fell off one a few years earlier, saying: “You’d have to be an idiot to fall off wouldn’t you, Mr. President?”

Piers Morgan took over the Larry King time slot on CNN in 2010. He took a viewership of some 2,000,000 down to an anemic 270,000 when he was axed in 2014. I appeared as a guest on Morgan’s CNN show shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre in the middle of his downward trajectory. I was one of several pro-Second Amendment guests. All of us were unsuccessful in convincing Morgan why Americans are not ready to again bow their knee to the British monarch.

Morgan’s contempt for the spirit of independence embodied by gun-toting Americans clearly addles him, causing him to manifest his contempt for the colonies that drove King George III to the insane asylum over his loss of the crown jewel of the British empire.

Morgan has admitted that it was his campaign against guns that contributed significantly to his failure to keep Larry King’s audience at CNN. Indeed, he failed to keep his job as well. Oh, that horrible Second Amendment.

Lest we blame Morgan’s downfall on his British background, let us keep in mind that his attitude is quite like that of our political and media elites here in America. The only difference between the two is Morgan’s pronounced British accent.

Americans did not simply turn off Piers Morgan’s show. They increasingly are turning off an American media that continues to be as out of step with America as is our British cousin.

Morgan should have heeded then-Senator Obama’s lament over his struggle to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries — namely, Americans still bitterly cling to our guns and our God. He fundamentally misunderstood the difference between England and the U.S. In England, the sovereign is the Queen. In America, the sovereign is an armed people. And the American sovereign is not going to let a rogue British butler seduce us into unilateral disarmament.

Larry Pratt is the Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America and a Guest Columnist for “Down Range with AWR Hawkins.”


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