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As a former college athlete, Mat Everhart’s health started to decline as his career began to rise. “I took a position where I was traveling 100-150 nights a year,” he states. “Over the course of 10 years, I went from a fairly lean and fit 190 pounds to almost 280 pounds. I was just unhealthy.”  His wife, Brooke, explained that “we got in this rut where we worked crazy hours and had a young child.”

Things changed after Brooke’s coworker talked about winning a big cash prize in a weight loss challenge. “I thought it was a total scam,” Mat admits, and he and Brooke literally waited to see the coworker’s winning check before either of them thought about signing up. When they realized it wasn’t a scam, the only thing left to do was sign up. His wife made her weight loss bet first, and then it was Mat’s turn.

He bet $200 per month that he would lose 72 pounds in 9 months. He ended up crushing his goal — he lost 73.8 pounds and won $2,952!


The money motivation helped Mat get back to the gym, where he focused on cardio and bodybuilding exercises. In addition, he began meal planning and logging his food ahead of time to avoid cheating. “I’m a very methodical type,” he explains. “You can make great decisions about what to eat tomorrow.”

Get Paid to Lose Weight — Seriously

It sounds too good to be true, we know, but we’ve done our research. If you stick to your goal and lose the weight you say you’re going to, HealthyWage pays you. It’s as simple as that.

Putting cold hard cash on the line was the push Mat needed. “I would not have seen the results I got without HealthyWage. HealthyWage offers something totally unique…it takes away the excuses.”

Jennifer Dennison agrees. “I knew if I were to put so much money into it, I would do exactly what it takes to reach my goal,” she explains.

Two years ago, Jennifer weighed over 400 pounds — and she wanted a change.

“I had to go out and buy a new scale because after months of holiday binge eating and drinking, I had maxed out my scale with a 350-lb. limit. I was horrified after buying a scale with a 405-lb. limit only to see I had maxed that out too.”

After seeing a TV news segment about HealthyWage, Jennifer was intrigued. “The concept just seemed so foreign but also interesting.”

She bet $150 per month for those 10 months that she would lose 100 pounds. She won $4,180.60 when she beat her goal and lost 102 pounds!

“I am so much more positive than I have ever been before,” says Jennifer, describing her recent weight loss transformation. “I’ve always been sarcastic, but all of a sudden I find myself being non-judgmental. I’m a better friend, a better person, a better version of myself all the way around.”

How Does HealthyWage Work?

If you want to get paid to lose weight, here’s how to get started:

  1. Start at the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, where you’ll enter how much weight you want to lose (10-150 pounds, minimum 10% of your starting weight), how long you’ll take (six to 18 months) and how much you want to bet ($20-$150/month).

Based on that information, the calculator will determine your prize amount, up to $10,000.

You can play with the calculator until you get the payout and goal just right, and you’ll know your payout amount before officially placing your bet.

  1. Sign up and lay down your bet. You agree to pay the monthly amount for the duration of the challenge.
  1. Achieve your weight-loss goal, and win your prize!

You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss (it takes about two minutes with HealthyWage’s mobile app).

Throughout the challenge, it’s recommended that you use HealthyWage to log weekly weigh-ins (these are just self-reported, not verified by video). It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable and on track to meeting your goal!

  1. If you don’t hit your goal, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

Ready to get started?  Enter your information in the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to find out how much you can win!


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