Delingpole: The Federal Climate Science Report Is Bunk; Trump Must Fire All the Charlatans Responsible

climate change

A bunch of alarmist holdovers from the Obama era released a report insisting that climate change is still just about the worst thing ever.

The Federal Climate Science Special Report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program – to give it its full grandiose title – was seized on by the liberal media as proof that President Trump is wrong on climate and that the “science” still supports all those greens, Democrats, RINOs and other pondlife demanding more action be taken to combat global warming.

Needless to say the report is bull from start to finish.

In a moment I shall thoroughly debunk it. (If you’re impatient, you can cut to the chase and skip straight to the paragraph below beginning “Here is why it cannot be trusted…”)

But first, if you don’t mind, I want to have a bit of fun at the expense of all those prize pillocks who for the last few days have been making hay with this alarmist propaganda.

Here is how the liberal media reported it. You can almost hear the trickle of their drool as they salivate over just how wrong and anti-science President Trump is.

The New York Times:

Directly contradicting much of the Trump administration’s position on climate change, 13 federal agencies unveiled an exhaustive scientific report on Friday that says humans are the dominant cause of the global temperature rise that has created the warmest period in the history of civilization.

The Washington Post:

The Trump administration released a dire scientific report Friday calling human activity the dominant driver of global warming, a conclusion at odds with White House decisions to withdraw from a key international climate accord, champion fossil fuels and reverse Obama-era climate policies.

Huffington Post:

 In a surprising move, the White House has signed off on a lengthy report by more than a dozen federal agencies that reaches a conclusion about climate change that President Donald Trump and his team refuse to acknowledge: The crisis is real, and humans are to blame.

Note, in each case, the source of their glee: it’s the seemingly hilarious fact that Trump is now finding himself contradicted by actual scientists in his own administration. Just how amazingly funny is that?

None more funny, if you believe the leftist trolls who lurk below my Breitbart climate articles. In their characteristically sad and deluded way, they imagined that this was all just the most brilliant rebuttal to my piece Three Great Signs that Trump is Winning the Climate Wars.

Here is possibly my favorite comment:

This is by far the most BS report ever on Breitbart with the most idiotic writer to have ever walked on the face of the earth. Where did you get your degree in journalism? Some hill billy racist college in Alabama? The idiocy in the people who read Breitbart has no bounds.

Climate change is REAL! The coal industry is dying, and what the hell is wrong with renewable energy?

Bunch of pigs here who do not care one ounce about the planet they live on.

Other trolls eagerly drew attention to the new report, stressing its origins in the Trump administration.

And yet the administration just published:
“Global warming is stronger than ever — and nearly all of it is man-made, new government report says”

Several implied that Breitbart had deliberately avoided covering the report because we just couldn’t handle the truth!

No my trolly friends. We weren’t hiding from this report – merely biding our time the better to marshal all the facts necessary to grind this piece of worthless trash into the dirt.

When I say ‘marshal all the facts’ what I really mean is ‘call up my old friend Paul Homewood‘ and get him to do all the scientific hard work for me. This he has now done. He’s very good it at. The new report, he demonstrates,  is “the usual mix of half truths, exaggerations, omissions and outright lies.”

Here is why it cannot be trusted:

Global temperatures

The report claims:

The global, long-term, and unambiguous warming trend has continued during recent years.

But this is flatly contradicted by the most reliable data – the satellite data – which shows that global temperatures last year were statistically the same as in 1998.

The report goes on to project temperature rises by the end of the century of up to 5 degrees C.

Yeah, right. We’ve heard that one before. It’s a claim based on computer models which have consistently been proven wrong by observed data. How many times does it need to be debunked before these charlatans realize it just won’t wash any more?

U.S. Temperature Trends

The report claims:

 Annual average temperature over the contiguous United States has increased by 1.8°F (1.0°C) for the period 1901–2016 and is projected to continue to rise

Only if you believe the rigged temperature data, though, which has been adjusted to suit the alarmist narrative. Tony Heller exposes the fraud here:

U.S. Temperature Extremes

The report says:

There have been marked changes in temperature extremes across the contiguous United States. The number of high temperature records set in the past two decades far exceeds the number of low temperature records.

The frequency of cold waves has decreased since the early 1900s, and the frequency of heat waves has increased since the mid-1960s (the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s remains the peak period for extreme heat in the United States).

This, says Homewood, is one of the most dishonest sections of the report. See the evidence below: their own data contradicts their claims. Sure heat waves have “increased since the mid-1960s” – but that’s because, duh, the mid-60s were the 20th century’s temperature low point.

U.S. Droughts

The report says:

Recent droughts and associated heat waves have reached record intensity in some regions of the United States; however, by geographical scale and duration, the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s remains the benchmark drought and extreme heat event in the historical record.

More bunkum. Prior to the Seventies, drought years were the norm – and not just in the Dust Bowl era.

 U.S. Precipitation

The report claims:

Heavy precipitation events in most parts of the United States have increased in both intensity and frequency since 1901

Nope. Rainfall trends have changed little since the 1970s.

Sea Level Rise

The report claims:

Global mean sea level (GMSL) has risen by about 7–8 inches (about 16–21 cm) since 1900, with about 3 of those inches (about 7 cm) occurring since 1993

This implies that sea level rise is accelerating. There is no evidence at all for this.

Homewood explains:

As even the IPCC had to admit, sea level rise between 1920 and 1950 was similar to the recent period.

Sea levels have been rising steadily since the mid 1800s, with a slow down in between around 1960 and 1990.

Homewood goes on to demolish the reports’ misleadingly alarmist claims on Arctic Temperatures, Arctic Sea Ice, Tornadoes and Hurricanes. You can read his full article here.

But I hope by now you’ve seen quite enough evidence to agree with Homewood’s damning conclusion:

This new climate report is not an objective or an honest assessment of the state of the climate, particularly in relation to the US.

Instead, it is a highly partisan and politicised report, designed to promote alarmism.

He’s not the only person who thinks this.

Here’s Steve Koonin, Under Secretary for Science during President Obama’s first term, writing in the Wall Street Journal.

It reinforces alarm with incomplete information and highlights the need for more-rigorous review of climate assessments.

Here is extreme weather expert Dr Roger Pielke Jr:

Earlier this year, the left-liberal media was full of stories suggesting that the draft version of this report was too hot to handle for President Trump and that he would seek to suppress it.

The New York Times published an article titled Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report:

Another scientist involved in the process, who spoke to The New York Times on the condition of anonymity, said he and others were concerned that it would be suppressed.

But as you see, the Trump administration has been perfectly content to see the report published. And with good reason.

The phrase “Give them enough rope…” comes to mind.

Let’s just recap on what has gone on here.

A group of more than 60 scientists on the U.S. government payroll – attached to such institutions as NASA, NOAA, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research – has put together, at no doubt lavish taxpayer expense, an official report on climate change which, on closer examination, turns out to be a tissue of “half truths, exaggerations, omissions and outright lies.”

They have cherry-picked the data, twisted the evidence, concealed inconvenient truths in a way that has nothing to do with honest science and everything to do with political activism.

This isn’t just bad science. This is outright fraud. These charlatans, liars, cheats, incompetents and losers have abused their prestige and traduced their official agencies or distinguished seats of learning by producing an official document which misrepresents the current state of climate science.

If this is mere ineptitude every one of them should be sacked at once.

If it’s a deliberate attempt to subvert the truth for political or financial ends then they should be looking at jail sentences.

Remember, because these “scientists” work at state institutions and produced this report under the government’s aegis, the liberal media was perfectly entitled – as it gleefully did – to claim it as being part of the Trump administration.

This is unforgivable. Insupportable. Anyone who has this administration’s best interests at heart – starting with the President himself – must surely understand this.

President Trump’s perfectly reasonable plans to rescue the U.S. economy, keep his promises to those who supported him, and drain the swamp are being frustrated by activist scientists on his own government payroll.

He cannot tolerate this one second longer.

First these people must be exposed for the liars and cheats and traitors they are. Then Trump needs to tell them: “You’re fired!”



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