Tech Executives Claim DACA Illegal Aliens Are ‘The Next Mark Zuckerberg’


Foreign nationals are the future of the tech industry in Silicon Valley, not Americans, say tech executives who are demanding that Congress give an amnesty to 3.5 million illegal aliens.

At Microsoft’s San Francisco headquarters, Ron Conway, co-founder of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s open borders group,, said it was illegal aliens covered by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that would be “the next Mark Zuckerberg,” in reference to the billionaire Facebook CEO.

“In this group [of DACA illegal aliens] is the next founder of a great tech company — the next Mark Zuckerberg, the next Sergey Brin,” Conway said as he sat next to former Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano. “We have to get pissed off and call our members of Congress.”

Microsoft executive Jack Chen similarly claimed that it was “disproportionately” foreign nationals, not Americans, in the tech industry who are driving innovation as he pushed for an expansion of immigration into the U.S.

“So much of the benefit and innovation in technology comes disproportionately from immigrants,” Chen said. “We have been a talent magnet for so long, and I want to posit that we don’t want to find out what it’ll be like if we no longer are.”

DACA illegal aliens, though, are not the high-skilled, profoundly education middle-class foreigners that the tech industry and open borders lobby have made them out to be.

For example, a study by Harvard scholar Roberto Gonzales shows that 73 percent of illegal aliens covered by DACA are living in low-income households, qualifying for free lunch at American public high schools, as well as other federal welfare benefits.

Additionally, a study by the American Council on Education admitted that only between five to ten percent of DACA illegal aliens enroll in college. This is far from the case for American high-school graduates, of whom, in contrast, 65 percent enrolled in college in 2013 and 68 percent in 2016, according to the federal government.

Another study by Gonzales revealed that roughly 40 percent of DACA illegal aliens have no education beyond a high school diploma, leaving them vastly more likely to compete against America’s working-class than any other socioeconomic group.

Another 21 percent of DACA illegal aliens dropped out of high school. Most notably, only 22 percent of DACA recipients have earned a four-year degree from a college or university, according to Gonzales’s research.

Only four percent of DACA recipients have completed college, far below the roughly 17 percent of similar-aged young Americans who have college degrees, according to data released in November by the Migration Policy Insitute. According to the Migration Policy Institute:

While DACA recipients are almost as likely as U.S. adults in the same age group (15-32) to be enrolled in college (18 percent versus 20 percent), they are far less likely to have completed college (4 percent versus 18 percent).

The DACA people are a subset of the larger population of young illegals — dubbed ‘dreamers’ — whose overall graduation rate is just one-tenth of the 18 percent of similar-aged Americans who hold four-year college degrees, says the MPI data.

Silicon Valley tech giants, though, have continued to demand more immigration to the U.S. as a way to drive down wages in the American workforce, breeding a never-ending flood of cheap, foreign labor.

Through the H-1B visa — whereby more than 100,000 foreign workers are imported to the U.S. every year to take American jobs — the tech and outsourcing industry has successfully been able to replace American workers with foreign nationals in Silicon Valley jobs.

As Breitbart News most recently reported, foreigners now outnumber Americans in Silicon Valley’s white-collar, high-paying jobs, with 57 out of every 100 jobs in Silicon Valley that require at least a bachelor’s degree being taken by a foreign-born resident.

The growing foreign-born population taking jobs in Silicon Valley comes as nearly 500,000 Americans graduate in the STEM fields every year. Those American graduates are then forced to compete with an unprecedented foreign-born population in the U.S. and foreign workers who are imported by outsourcing firms and major tech conglomerates.

Under the DREAM Act amnesty, which tech executives want to see tacked onto a year-end spending bill, 3.5 million DACA illegal aliens and DACA-eligible illegal aliens would be allowed to permanently remain in the U.S., thus receiving a pathway to citizenship.

After the group of amnestied illegal aliens obtained U.S. citizenship, they would then be able to bring their foreign, extended family members into the country as well. This is what’s known as “chain migration.”

Should a DACA amnesty be passed and signed off on by President Trump, a chain migration to the U.S. of roughly 9.9 to 19 million foreign nationals would follow, with the mass immigration impacting an entire generation of Americans.

Every year, more than 1.5 million illegal and legal immigrants are admitted to the U.S., with the current foreign-born population booming to an unprecedented high of roughly 44 million individuals. Mass immigration to the U.S. has been at the expense of American workers in the working and middle-class who have been forced to compete with foreign labor while their wages have remained stagnant.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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