‘We Are Winning’ — In Missouri, Donald Trump Promises Christmas Tax Cut Miracle

Donald Trump
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Donald Trump delivered a Christmas themed tax cut speech in Missouri, as Congress struggles to pass a bill before leaving Washington D.C. for the Christmas break.

The president took the stage, which was decorated for Christmas and featured a Merry Christmas sign.

“I told you we’d be saying Merry Christmas again,” Trump said, after pointing out the sign on stage to photographers.

The event felt like a campaign rally, as Trump spoke about the big things he was doing for the country, reminding supporters that during the campaign he told Americans that they would “get sick of winning.”

“We are winning,” he said. “We’re winning again. We’re winning a lot bigger than anyone ever thought possible for such a short period of time.”

Trump pointed to the booming economic numbers as proof, including the latest GDP revision to 3.3 percent growth — the highest since 2014.

Trump did not focus on the details of the increasingly complex tax bill, which he described as “a pot” that lawmakers had to finish.

“I call it a pot, and we mix it up and we stir it up and we bring all of the best things out, and we’re going to have something, I predict, that will be really really special,” he said.

He promised to sign whatever bill Congress could achieve.

“I promise you I will sign it,” he said. “I will not veto that bill. There will be no veto!”

He said that the tax cuts in Congress would be like “rocket fuel” for the American economy.

“The tax cut will mean more companies moving to America, staying in America, and hiring American workers right here,” Trump promised.

He described his plan for the country’s economy as the “Trump model” wherein more companies would stay in America.

“That’s how we all succeed and we grow together, as one team, one people, as one American family,” he said.


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