EXCLUSIVE – Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Roy Moore Race: We Must Keep the Senate Republican to Enact Trump Agenda

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Former sheriff Joe Arpaio weighed in on the Alabama senate race on Monday, declaring that a Republican must win the seat in order to ensure the legislative success of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“It is important to have every Republican that we can get to keep the Senate seat,” Arpaio told Breitbart News in an interview. “The president knows what he is doing, and we have to keep the Senate.”

“I supported the president from day one,” noted Arpaio. “I know that he knows what he is doing.”

“I am concerned about losing the Senate,” Arpaio added, explaining how control of the Senate by pro-Trump Republicans is critical to enacting the president’s agenda.

Arpaio, who served as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, said he is contemplating a run for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat in the state. The 85-year-old Arpaio also said he is waiting in the wings in case Arizona Sen. John McCain needs to vacate the Senate due to health reasons.

“I will have more information in January possibly about a run for the seat,” he stated, referring to Flake’s seat. “I think the Arizona senate races are going to be critical, so I am giving a lot of thought to whether I am going to run.”

In August, Trump pardoned Arpaio after he was convicted one month earlier for defying a judge’s order to not detain suspected illegal immigrants. He had faced up to six months in prison and possible fines.

Arpaio’s comments follow Trump’s own expressions of support Monday for Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Trump tweeted on Monday that Moore’s victory is needed to ensure economic reform, border security, military support, and more.

Trump followed up his tweet with a phone call to Moore.

“Donald Trump called Roy Moore this morning,” Moore’s campaign consultant, Drew Messer, revealed on Twitter. “Great conversation. His parting words were ‘Go get them Roy.’ Thank you, POTUS, for supporting the Judge.”


Moore’s wife, Kayla, wrote on Facebook that “Judge Moore just got off the phone with President Trump—we have his full support.”

Judge Moore just got off the phone with President Trump-we have his full support! Thank you Mr. President! Let’s MAGA!

Posted by Kayla Moore on Monday, December 4, 2017

“Thank you Mr. President! Let’s MAGA!” Kayla Moore added.

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