Roy Moore on Working in the Senate: As Long as Lawmakers Uphold the Constitution, ‘I Can Work with Anybody’

Mark Wilson, Scott Olson/Getty Images

Alabama Judge Roy Moore told One American News in an interview that as long as the Senate promotes legislation that remains constitutional and works for the betterment of the country, he “can work with anybody.”

Moore explained:

As long as the legislation is constitutional, as long as it works for the betterment of the country, I can work with anybody. I can work with Democrats. I can work with Republicans. I can work with anybody. When it violates the Constitution, and it violates the good of our country, I will work with no one. I’ll stick to principle. Can I compromise? I can compromise when it doesn’t come to principle.

“Some of the conservative senators, I think, I will vote with most of the time,” Moore added.

Judge Moore also suggested that the Senate legislative filibuster “violates the Constitution.”

Moore’s suggestion that he can work with anyone in the Senate arrives just after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) dialed back his call for Roy Moore to drop out of the race given his sexual misconduct allegations.

McConnell told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, “Well, I think — we’re going to let the people of Alabama decide a week from Tuesday who they want to send to the Senate. And then, we’ll address the matter appropriately.”

McConnell then suggested, however, that he will still pursue a Senate Ethics Committee investigation of Roy Moore’s allegations.

“I have already said in the past that I thought this was a matter that would have to be considered by the committee,” McConnell said. “Ultimately, it would be up to them to make that decision. And they’ll make it, depending upon whether Judge Moore ends up coming to the Senate.”

A new ABC poll found that Judge Roy Moore leads his Democratic opponent Doug Jones by six points, 49 to 43 percent.

Moore said at a recent press conference, “This is an effort by Mitch McConnell and his cronies to steal this election from the people of Alabama”:


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