Massachusetts Couple Accidentally Donates $2,500 Worth of Savings Hidden in Soup Can

This Aug. 31, 2011 file photo shows an opened can of Campbell's Tomato soup in New York. Campbell Soup Co. said Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011, fiscal first-quarter net income fell 5 percent as price increases were not enough to offset lower volume in its soup and beverage businesses (AP Photo/James …
AP/James H. Collins

A Massachusetts couple made a bigger donation to their local food pantry than they expected after they gave away an empty can of soup filled with thousands of dollars.

Amanda Mattuchio, the daughter of the couple, told Boston 25 News Friday that her parents donated a few soup cans from their soup cabinet several weeks ago and realized they gave away $2,500 hidden inside a Campbell’s tomato soup can.

“The neighbor upstairs asked them if they had any canned goods they wanted to donate to the senior center,” Mattuchio said. “When they went to put some more money into the can, they realized it had been put in with the donations. It was kind of devastating.”

Mattuchio, of Middleton, is asking anyone who went to the Middleton Food Pantry—where the cans ended up—to go through their soup cabinets and inspect their soup cans.

“The bottom would unscrew and it had $2,500 in it and it was a combination of $100 and $50 bills,” said Mattuchio. “I just hope whoever did find the money. If it has been found that they see this and they find it in their heart to return it.”

Frank Leary, who runs the Middleton Food Pantry, said his facility receives hundreds of donated soup cans each week. He added that a search for the fake can at the facility turned up nothing.

“I would love to find the can of soup. That amount of money is a terrible, terrible loss for anyone,” Leary said. “For all I know, that Campbell tomato soup is sitting in someone’s cabinet right now and they don’t even know it.”

The Middleton Police Department told Boston 25 that they had contacted the family to see if they can help in any way.


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