Exclusive– ‘Just Another Empty Suit’: Friends of Dan Schwartz Ad Details How Nevada AG Adam Laxalt Took Money from ‘Every Lobbyist and Casino in Town’

Adam Laxalt, Dan Schwartz

A Friends of Dan Schwartz ad obtained by Breitbart News exclusively details how Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has “taken money from about every lobbyist and casino in town.”

The ad opens with a quote from the Reno Gazette-Journal that reads, “Adam Laxalt, ‘Just another empty suit.'”

The article from the Reno Gazette-Journal notes that:

Laxalt lacks the professional qualifications, temperament and competence to be governor. He’s proven to be a terrible lawyer and an even worse attorney general. There is so much evidence: A candid review from his brief stint at a law firm which rated him as borderline incompetent; his inappropriate advocacy for billionaire Sheldon Adelson; a refusal to answer questions; a vote against pardoning an innocent man; and his incessant, empty, and dishonest advertising.

The ad continues, “Adam Laxalt answers few questions and offers no solutions, he’s taken money from about every lobbyist and casino in town. He can’t provide the adult leadership Nevadans deserve.”

The campaign ad lists how Laxalt received over:

  • $422,722 from the casino and gambling industry.
  • $143,459 from the law and lobbying industry.
  • $133,875 real estate industry.
  • $146,350 from securities and investment industry.
  • $24,983 from the chemicals industry.
  • $24, 675 from insurance companies.
  • $31,750 from the payday loan industry.

Laxalt belongs to a family of lobbyists. His wife, Michelle Laxalt, was named by the Washingtonian as one of the top 50 lobbyists.

Schwartz called for Laxalt to either quit the gubernatorial race or resign as the state’s attorney general in December.

Schwartz argued that Laxalt in three instances cannot separate his political ambitions from his role as attorney general.

Schwartz cited:

  1. Laxalt request that A.G. Burnett, the state Gaming Control Board chairman, get involved in a lawsuit between the Las Vegas Sands and a former employee.
  2. Laxalt tried to abstain from a vote that would have pardoned a man for a murder he did not commit.
  3. Laxalt asked Reno Mayor Hillary Shieve not to sue pharmaceutical companies after the attorney general took $7,500 in campaign donations from the pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer.

“There’s been enormous conflict of interest throughout,” Schwartz told the Review-Journal.

Meanwhile, Dan Schwartz did not receive any donations from casinos while running for his current position of Nevada state treasurer.

On his campaign website, DanforNevada.com, his campaign argues that Schwartz “is now running for Governor because it’s time to end pay-to-play and to realize Nevada’s potential for a better community and a stronger, more diversified economy.”

The ad concludes, “Dan Schwartz has been a CEO, solves problems, and won’t take a dime from lobbyists.”


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