FL Education Assoc. Urges Veto Guaranteeing Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Under Attack

Gov Rick Scott AP
Associated Press

The Florida Education Association (FEA) is urging Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) to use a line-item veto that will guarantee teachers cannot shoot back if under attack.

FEA opposes the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, a program named for the teacher who was gunned down while unarmed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

An unarmed Feis sacrificed himself during the attack by using his body as a shield to protect students.

CNN reports that the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program “would allow some teachers to be armed if both the local school district and local sheriff’s department agree.”

President Trump responded to the Majory Stoneman Douglas High shooting by calling for “20 percent” of teachers across the county to be armed. Yet Gov. Scott opposes arming teachers, despite the murder of Coach Feis.

FEA sent Scott a letter, which said, “We urge you to honor your instincts and act to keep additional firearms from our schools unless they are in the hands of trained law enforcement personnel. Please veto the funding and language in the budget that provides for arming school personnel.”

On March 7, Breitbart News reported that Florida’s House Democratic Caucus voted unanimously to ensure teachers cannot shoot back if under attack, but their vote was not enough to stop the push to arm teachers for school safety. FEA is asking Gov. Scott to maintain the status quo, thereby keeping teachers in a defenseless position.

Scott has two weeks to decide what he will do.

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