Piers Morgan: Ban All Semi-Automatic Guns, ‘No Civilian Needs One’

piers morgan

Piers Morgan used a series of tweets Monday to call for a ban on all semi-automatic guns and stress his conviction that “no civilian needs one.”

His call for a ban on semi-automatic firearms was followed by other tweets in which he told Americans that the Second Amendment was never intended to protect an individual right to keep and bear arms. Rather, it was only intended to protect militias members’ ability to be armed.

Regarding a ban on semi-automatic firearms, Morgan tweeted:

Morgan’s call overlooks the fact that millions upon millions of semi-automatic firearms are carried every day in America by licensed concealed permit holders. The firearms are a weapon of choice because they allow the vulnerable, who may not be physically strong, to carry a tool with which they can defend their lives. This is because a semi-automatic firearm uses it own recoil to cycle the next round into the chamber, thereby reducing the felt-recoil and allowing petite individuals–and persons who may have physical limitations–to carry a firearm with a round large enough to stop attackers.

In another tweet, Morgan explained his call for a ban on semi-automatic firearms by saying he fired an AR-15 “rapidly.” What he did not mention is the fact that an AR-15 or a Glock handgun or a Smith & Wesson double-action revolver will all shoot as fast as you pull the trigger but there is a difference between shooting fast and shooting accurately.  In other words, shooting “rapidly” often undercuts the gun’s usefulness.

Morgan’s calls for an all-out ban on semi-automatics came exactly one week and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens called for a repeal of the Second Amendment and just days after gun control proponent Chelsea Handler said her “armed guards…don’t have semi-automatic weapons.”

His call for a ban on semi-automatic firearms comes just over a week after Matthew McConaughy called for a ban on “assault weapons” and just prior to Rep. Debbie Dingell’s (D-Mich) introduction of firearm confiscation legislation.

Yet we are supposed to believe the left does not want to take away our guns?

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