Protester Screams at Gorka Who Says ‘Their Fuel Is Hatred’

Deputy assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka participates in a discussion during th
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National security strategist and former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka contrasted love of country to the hateful cries a protester spewed through his car window Thursday night as he arrived to give a speech in Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Gorka began his address by referencing comments from the man who introduced him at the event that night, The Middle Resolution President Craig DiSesa. 

DiSesa had explained to the 200-strong crowd that the approximately two dozen protesters outside the event see the Middle Resolution as a “hate group.” He confirmed to the audience they this group “couldn’t be further from it, from hatred,” then revealed the previously printed words of one of the protest group’s founders, “we love to hate Dave Brat.”

DiSesa pointed out the hypocrisy of the comments and said that Middle Resolution members have tried to dialogue with these protesting individuals, but instead, “what they want to do is shut us down.”

Most of the protesters’ signs seemed to focus on a love-hate theme:

As Dr. Gorka took the stage inside the hotel, he said he was touched by DiSesa’s words on “how the other side thinks and how they behave, and the fact that they run on hatred, their fuel is hatred.”

One of the protesters against the event was arriving at the same time as Dr. Gorka. He saw her recognize him before she began screaming through the window of his car. He said that the middle-aged white woman screamed “the kinds of things that [he], in [his] 47 years have never screamed to another human being.”

He then recalled a trip to the grocery store in the first days after the election. While in the checkout line, Dr. Gorka said one woman began investigating so as to confirm to herself who he was, then leaned in to tell him in a thick accent, but at a whisper, “we won.” Gorka replied in not-such-a-whisper, “no no no no no, it’s not we won, it’s America won.”

Dr. Gorka said that his utterance launched the seemingly affluent, middle-aged, caucasian woman into a tirade, yelling at him, “No it’s your f-ing bigot of a candidate who’s going to ruin this country.” He said this was the first time he had experienced such a thing, but replied to her, “Madame, that attitude is why your candidate lost.”

He then proceeded to refer back to the sentiments of the man who introduced him, “we love our country and we do what we do for love of the country and it’s exactly the same for the President.”

“He’s building the wall why? Not because he hates anybody,” said Dr. Gorka who swore that Donald Trump “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He doesn’t even have a racist molecule in his body.” 

“He’s building a wall for the same reason that you lock your front door at night,” explained Dr. Gorka. “Not because you hate your neighbors, but because you love that which is inside your home and you wish to protect it. Our border is our national home’s front door. The President is securing our collective home.”

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