Gorka Call to Arms: Grassroots, ‘You Have a Job To Do’

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president, had been accused of ties to far-righ

RICHMOND, Virginia–National security strategist and former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka encouraged 200 grassroots activists this week to trust President Donald J Trump, but also remember “You have a job to do.”

The Middle Resolution hosted Gorka for the Richmond, Virginia event where the former deputy assistant to the President gave the crowd a look behind the veil of Trump as well as encouragement to get behind 2018 candidates and be part of the solution.

“It’s compassion that drives this President because he didn’t do it for the money. Nor did he run for President for fame,” Gorka told the crowd. “There’s no public persona and then a private persona,” he continued, “just the two of you in the Oval Office is exactly the same as he is on the campaign trail.”

Gorka recounted the November 8 election, the transition, and his first day of work for the administration on January 21, 2017. He identified January 21 as the date of “the most leveraged hostile takeover in world history,” backing up his claim by noting that the federal government is the largest employer in the world with several million employees. “And then we come in and we are what? We are the antibodies to the swamp,” said Gorka.

“Donald J. Trump won the presidency to become the most powerful man in the world despite the GOP, not because of the GOP,” explained Gorka. “This is something the GOP needs to understand, especially before November.”

“Donald Trump is a reaction to the failure of both parties,” said Gorka, who evidenced this by recounting a trip on Air Force One to Youngstown, Ohio last summer. On the twenty minute drive from the airport to the rally stadium, the motorcade passed disused steel plants, mills, and factories on one side of the road for miles. On the other side of the road stood men and women waving their “stars and stripes.” Candidate Trump and wife Melania saw a stadium teeming with many former Democrats “erupt” in cheers as the couple took the stage. “USA, USA, drain the swamp” they chanted, according to Gorka.

“Donald J. Trump has broken the political rulebook,” Dr. Gorka told the crowd gathered Tuesday night. “He took the political rulebook, he shredded it, burnt it, buried it, and then jumped up and down on it,” he added, eliciting laughter from the crowd.

“One thing I wish you to take home—have faith, be patient” he petitioned the crowd. He reassured the audience not to worry about issues surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Syria. “The President will never give up on us,” he said.

Speaking of the President’s abundant stores of energy, Gorka said he never saw the President yawn, even on three hours sleep. “The guy is a Mack Truck. He is unstoppable.” 

He called the President’s accomplishments in the first year of his presidency “stunning,” even in the midst of relentless attacks on Trump and his family. Gorka listed a few of those accomplishments: tamping down ISIS, drops in illegal migration early in the administration, stock market increase of 40 percent, the lowest unemployment in 18 years, lowest female unemployment in 17 years, lowest black unemployment in history, and the first African American brigadier general in the Marine Corps appointed. Also mentioned were the five million Americans receiving bonuses and the $250 billion Apple is repatriating to the U.S. as a result of tax reform – a move that is expected to create more American jobs.

“Have faith” and “hold the course like the President,” Gorka instructed, but also remember “You have a job to do.” He told them to get a Facebook or Twitter account and post a few messages each night to be part of the solution. “It is very powerful,” he added.

“Without Twitter, Hillary would be President,” said Gorka. “You need to support him, you need to be part of Team Trump.” He urged those present to support candidates who “understand what happened on November the 8th and are prepared to fight for the Make America Great Again agenda in the local state house and on Capitol Hill.”


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