Franklin Graham Urges Parents: ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’ on Sex Ed

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Evangelist Franklin Graham gave his support Monday to parents in cities across the United States and abroad who are pulling their children out of public schools to protest what they view as pornographic sex ed provided by taxpayer-funded groups such as Planned Parenthood.

Parents be aware: Your children are in danger of being exposed to “Pornography 101” under the guise of sex education in…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, April 23, 2018

“Parents be aware,” Graham warned in a post on Facebook. “Your children are in danger of being exposed to ‘Pornography 101’ under the guise of sex education in many schools. Today some parents across the country are pulling their students out in protest of the sexualized school curriculum being promoted by the progressive agenda.”

“Know what is being taught in your child’s school and be prepared to walk out,” Graham urged. “I encourage you to be involved, know what’s going on, and let your voice be heard.”

Family Research Council (FRC) is a major sponsor of the Sex Ed Sit Out. FRC is urging all citizens – even those who have no children at school – to sign a petition, titled “Hands Off Our Children,” that states:

We, as concerned parents and community members, are sick of the sexualization of our children! We say NO to graphic, gender-bending, promiscuity-promoting sex education for our kids.

We demand that public schools stop treating our children like guinea pigs in some social engineering experiment. We demand that schools respect parents’ values and parents’ authority.

We will not stand for our tax money being used to promote sexual liberation, deviance, and gender confusion to our precious kids. In protest, we stand together with those parents pulling their children out of public school on April 23rd for the sex ed sit out.

This is amazing to watch people take the bull by the horns and own this movement! Look at this mama bear getting our message out to her Spanish-speaking friends. 😁👊🏻🙌🏻 #SexEdSitOut

Posted by Sex Ed Sit Out on Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Sex Ed Sit Out was organized by a group of mothers – including the “Activist Mommy,” Elizabeth Johnston.

Johnston told Breitbart News whether children attend public schools or homeschooling parents are paying taxes to support public schools, more parents are finding that school officials and school boards are refusing to listen to their concerns about the graphic sex ed curricula that promotes LGBT sex, oral and anal sex, and masturbation.

In 2015, Planned Parenthood boasted it had forged a relationship with LGBT groups GLSEN and the Human Rights Campaign to teach LGBT-inclusive sex ed in schools. Planned Parenthood is funded by American taxpayers to provide sex education in schools.


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