Planned Parenthood Fights Pro-Choice Candidate Because She Supports Abortion Clinic Unionization

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An ugly civil war on the left is developing further as Democratic political commentator David Sirota reports that his wife, Emily Sirota, a candidate in Colorado for a state House seat, is a victim of Planned Parenthood retaliation because she supports unionization of abortion clinics.

“My wife @EmilyforCO is 100% pro-choice and demanded Planned Parenthood execs stop trying to bust PP workers’ union,” Sirota posted to Twitter. “Now PP execs have spent $50K on ads insinuating she’s anti-choice, all to punish her for standing with the union”:

Sirota is asking for donations to his wife’s campaign to help her fight off the reported attack by Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood is spending $50k to beat a pro-choice woman after she supported Planned Parenthood workers trying to unionize,” followed Ryan Grim, D.C. bureau chief at The Intercept. “For a state legislative seat,” he added:

As Breitbart News reported, the civil war between Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) and labor union SEIU began in December when PPRM workers coordinated with SEIU Local 105 to organize a group of 153 workers following complaints of long hours and pay below $15 per hour.

The Planned Parenthood affiliate’s management, however, failed to recognize the new union and, instead, asked for the assistance of the Trump administration’s appointees on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to challenge the union’s formation:

Former Planned Parenthood employee Mimi Yedinak then posted to Instagram that PPRM management “sank to an incredible low”:

Some of my coworkers showed up to a PPRM fundraising event wanting to educate major donors about where their money is going and to encourage donors to specify that their money goes towards patient care and NOT towards anti-union activity (the agency has hired an anti-union lawyer whose hourly rate costs roughly the same price as an out-of-pocket medication abortion). Instead of giving my colleagues an opportunity to inform donors, PPRM called the police on its own employees and threatened to have them arrested, including a loyal abortion provider who has been involved with this cause for over 30 years.

“If you truly want to stand with Planned Parenthood then stand with its clinic workers and PLEASE get the word out to anyone you can (other donors, media, etc.) about how PPRM is treating its employees,” wrote Yedinak, adding:

I’ve given the last two years of my life to this cause that I love so much and to see my colleagues bullied like this by the agency they have worked so hard for breaks my fucking heart. Stand up for the employees on the ground-floor like me, rather than those at the top who are fine with kicking us out of fundraisers and threatening us with unnecessary police force. Don’t let PPRM silence its employees.

As Twitchy observes, the civil war is getting ugly as Planned Parenthood is now being called out as a “Big Corporate Bully.” Even Democrat Randy Bryce – who is running for Paul Ryan’s U.S. House seat in Wisconsin –  is asking for support for Emily Sirota against Planned Parenthood:


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