Left-Wing Hate ‘Rap Sheet’ Reaches 300 Incidents of Violence, Harassment

Protestors cheer over a destroyed papier-mache head of US President Donald Trump during Ma
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Breitbart News’ “rap sheet” of violence and harassment toward conservatives and Trump supporters has now reached the milestone of 300 incidents.

Ever since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, the American left has responded with unhinged vitriol, violent fantasies, and mob attacks — targeting Trump and anyone associated with him. The worst part of this climate of hate is that establishment media — the professionals, the respectable guardians of truth — are purposely fanning the flames.

Among these latest incidents, one stands out as particularly disturbing. Idaho State Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R), a veteran combat pilot, received death threats after outraged left-wing journalists and celebrities spread a Facebook post where she responded to teen gun control protesters and wondered how they would respond to the sight of an empty 30mm shell casing in her truck.

TownHall reports that the shell casing in question carries symbolism for Giddings’s military experiences and that she uses it as an inspirational conversation starter:

Giddings carries a 30mm casing with her, because it saved her life overseas.

“I always share what my 30mm bullet looks like. All of my constituents have seen it,” she said. “I was the only woman in the Fighter Training Unit. I didn’t think I was doing well but then I won the ‘Top Gun’ award. I got closer to my target than any of the men.”

Giddings said the 30mm casing is symbolic of freedom in America, particularly because the average citizen in the Middle East doesn’t have the opportunity — or ability — to defend themselves against terrorists, like the Taliban.

“My 30mm bullet is a tool of symbolism,” she said.

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