Sean Spicer: Someone Put My House for Sale on Zillow When I Was Press Secretary

sean spicer

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed that someone put his house for sale on Zillow when he worked at the White House.

Sean Spicer revealed the story in a conversation with sports host Clay Travis at a TPUSA high school summit for conservatives.

He also discussed the story in his new book: The Briefing:

That might sound funny at first, but the listing made defaming alterations to the picture of our house and to its written description. We learned that the real estate community takes such fraudulent posts very seriously, and a realtor—whom we did not know—filed a fraud report with the companies, which promptly took the postings down.

Spicer told Travis he experienced a variety of events where people were hostile to him because of his role at the Trump White House, including a confrontation at an Apple Store.

“In so many cases, more and more we’re seeing the left even shut down the discourse,” he said.

Spicer also noted that one of his book events was canceled by a bookstore because of the “political culture.”

“The idea that the left has gotten so vicious that an institution says we cannot allow someone to come in, that is not a good thing,” he said.


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