Delingpole: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder Which Feeds Islamic Terror

People gather on the National Mall in Washington, DC, on October 30, 2010 for television satirists Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Tens of thousands of people streamed into the US capital Saturday for the rally hosted by liberal comics Stewart and Colbert, billed as …

Liberal-leftism is a mental illness. To find out whether you are afflicted with this deadly and largely incurable condition here is a simple test based on recent events.

A man named Faisal Hussain has gone on a gun rampage in Toronto, killing two, wounding 13. His family – in a statement subsequently revealed by Toronto Sun journalist Anthony Furey to have been spun by a professional Islamist activist with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, with heavy support from Canada’s state propagandist CBC and the left-wing Toronto Star newspaper – blames mental illness. But Hussain turns out to have had known jihadist sympathies, as is confirmed when Islamic State claim responsibility for the crime.
Do you:

a) Think of the victims – especially the two fatal casualties (Reese Fallon, 18; and ten-year old Julianna Kozis) – and their heartbroken friends and families. Wonder when it’s ever going to end and how we’re going to deal with this intractable and worsening problem.

b) Fabricate a narrative in which the attack has nothing to do with Islam. Call out and vilify anyone who dares suggest otherwise. Reserve all your sympathy for the family of the killer, while weirdly ignoring the actual victims. Demand more gun control.

From the Toronto Star:

Faisal Hussain, the 29-year-old gunman in Sunday’s fatal rampage on the Danforth, had a complicated past replete with family misfortune — including his older brother’s drug overdose, which put him in a vegetative state — and mental health challenges including psychosis, his family said.

Two of the world’s most wanted Islamic State terrorists – Alexander Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh – are captured in Syria. They belonged to a four-man torture and execution cell ludicrously known as ‘the Beatles’ because they all had British accents. One, ‘Jihadi John’, was killed in a drone strike. Another is currently in prison in Turkey. Together they are known to have murdered at least 27 people in cold blood, in the case of several U.S. and UK hostages by sawing their heads off with a serrated knife. They were also renowned for their sadism, Elsheikh especially, who liked to threaten he would kick to death any hostage who didn’t participate with sufficient enthusiasm in a song he had forced them to write which went “Welcome to the lovely Hotel Osama, such a lovely place…” Now the UK government has stripped them of their citizenship, says it has no desire to repatriate them for trial in Britain, and is happy for them to face justice in the US without raising any concerns about potential use of the death penalty.

Do you:

a) Say ‘good riddance’ to the sick bastards. It’s clear from interviews that they aren’t even slightly repentant of their many grotesque crimes. If they ended up in a UK jail it would not only be a burden to the taxpayer but they’d be a constant security threat and would bully and radicalise their fellow prisoners. As for what the Americans do to them, frankly who cares – so long as the punishment fits the truly unspeakable crimes they committed.


b) Bleat about the importance of showing that we’re better than ISIS. [As if somehow there were still a big question mark over whether liberal democracies which value human rights and due process can take the moral high ground over ad hoc terror states which rape, crucify and enslave women, murder young and old, torture and execute prisoners, send suicide squads to blow up little girls at pop concerts, mow down tourists in lorries, massacre friends and families who’ve gone out for dinner…] Agonise over whether it’s really possible that they are ever going to get a fair trial. Show a sympathy for these two cold-blooded killers you never quite managed to muster when all those little girls were blown up at an Ariana Grande concert or when pedestrians were mown down on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge or when aid convoy driver Alan Hemming read out his last prepared statement in an orange jump suit before having his head chopped off.

Well, how did you do?
If both your answers were a) then I would say you are eminently sane and normal and think like the vast majority of ordinary people.

If your answers were b) then welcome to the liberal elite! This is exactly how they think from Brussels to Ottawa to Westminster to Davos to the DC Swamp to Berkeley the big law firms to the HR departments of every corporation to Silicon Valley to the progressive media to the schools and the universities to Hollywood.

It’s a particular form of madness known as pathological altruism, whereby you spend so much time virtue-signalling your concerns for the human rights of the people who hate you and want to destroy you and will never respect you that you forget about the human rights of your own people.

This deranged liberalism acts as a petri dish for Islamic terror. We should adopt a zero tolerance policy to this lunacy and call it out wherever we see it. These well-meaning useful idiots may think they are nice and high-minded and liberal. But they are the rot which will destroy our civilisation.



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