Wasinger: Trump Schools GOP Again, Building on Winning Coalition

Trump warns countries against doing business with Iran

The media noise regarding the never-ending Deep State investigation into collusion with a newly-demonized Russian regime has distracted many from the central political fact of the day: President Trump is winning on just about every front, both internationally and domestically.

The president has already upended the feckless globalist agenda that characterized the Bush-Clinton-Obama era, reversing the toxic mix of appeasement, international cowardice, and neo-colonialist interventionism that had brought America’s standing in the world to new lows.

Challenging the orthodoxy of those who genuflect at the altar of globalism with their simple-minded endorsements of unlimited immigration and “free trade” is utter heresy for the long reigning uni-party paradigm of foreign policy.

From his rejection of the Paris climate accord that sought to shackle U.S. business, to the repudiation of the Iran nuclear deal, to the rebalancing of an unequal “free trade” regime that has done immeasurable damage to the interests of U.S. workers, Trump has delivered for the American people in a way that neither party has for decades.

Domestically, his deregulation, tax reform, and pro-growth incentives have revitalized our economy. Many economists are now projecting that the four percent-plus growth rates of the last few quarters will only accelerate as we move closer to the November midterms.

Politically, this has pushed the Democrats and establishment Republicans into a full-blown political identity crisis, an existential meltdown of historic proportions that promises to pay big dividends for those who support the president’s agenda.

Democrats and their media allies are feverishly trying to convince Americans that there is a “blue wave” that is going to sweep through the country in opposition to all of the things mentioned above.

What they leave out is that, according to polling from sources across the political spectrum, the president’s approval rating continues to go up (it is significantly higher than Obama’s at this point in the first term), which means that any dreams the Democrats have of wresting the White House from Trump in 2020 are dimming by the day. What’s more, Trump is also making significant inroads among African Americans, Hispanics, and other traditionally Democratic demographic groups essential to any hopes Democrats harbor of making even modest gains in the mid-term elections.

While the media immediately took issue with Trump’s claim that he doubled his standings in the polls among African-Americans, partially due to the positive tweeting of hip-hop artist Kanye West, the criticism amounts to defensive nitpicking. Although it is true that the president was apparently referring to an isolated poll that showed his support among black men doubling in one week, the larger trend is undeniable (and just as difficult to explain if you buy the mainstream narrative). Gallup, Pew, and other major polls put his approval rating among African-Americans between 13 and 14 percent, more than doubling Mitt Romney’s measly six percent share of the black vote in 2012, and five or six points better than Trump’s own, more impressive, performance in 2016. Among Hispanics, a Harris poll from late June showed a stunning ten percent rise in the president’s approval rating.

That is utterly remarkable, given the vast resources invested by the mainstream media and Democratic pols (with the help of many establishment Republicans) to depict Trump as an unrepentant racist and jingoist who despises both Americans of color and our large population of Hispanic immigrants to the United States. While a 24-7 propaganda machine has been busily at work trying to convince these constituencies that Trump hates them, the president has quietly won over significant slices of these groups. The fact is, historically high employment, increasing economic opportunity (and yes, even tougher border enforcement, which polls shockingly well among Hispanic voters) have convinced many of these traditionally Democratic voters that Trump understands their interests better than recent presidents of both parties who speak the language of compassion and sensitivity, but support policies that have been utterly detrimental.

How ironic it is that Donald Trump, who already won a higher proportion of the African-American and Hispanic votes in 2016 than Milquetoast Mitt did four years previously, is now poised to be the first Republican in living memory to fulfill the dreams of Karl Rove and expand the Republican base in those demographics. And he has done it precisely by ignoring the sage advice of political geniuses like Rove to pander to the agendas of leftist ethnic groups and caucuses in a failed attempt to compete with the Democrats in some sort of sensitivity contest. These voters are not stupid, and they saw through the attempt of the Romneys and the Bushes to cover for their policies of raw elite self-interest with the language of compassion. It turns out that they far prefer the rough and tumble Trump, unambiguous in his efforts to enact policies that benefit America and Americans first, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Herein lies an enormous lesson for a GOP leadership that has utterly failed — for decades — to increase their share of the votes of these traditionally Democratic constituencies. Consider that the next time you hear a lecture from an establishment Republican talking head about what the party needs to do to broaden its base beyond the narrow constituency of die-hard Trumpsters: these people have no idea what they’re talking about, and their advice has proven utterly worthless time and time again. The central fact is that Trump campaigned and then delivered on myriad promises that are antithetical to the Republican-Democratic model of saying whatever is necessary while running and then governing in the same Deep State, uni-party model that has gotten us into such a mess. Trump’s model is the successful model to build on.


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