Lois Tarkanian: Susie Lee, When Will the Lies About My Son Stop?

Lois and Danny Tarkanian
Lois Tarkanian/Facebook, Getty Images

I’ve been a registered Democrat for my entire adult life and have always felt it was of highest importance to be truthful and represent my party with dignity.

It’s the way Nevadans expect our elected officials to conduct themselves.

In my nearly 26 years in public service, I’ve become familiar with how combative politics can be. However, even the most intense debates must operate on facts — not lies.

As a Democrat, I’m extremely disappointed in the conduct of members of my own party; as a mother and a voter, I’m appalled. Candidates for office should hold themselves to a higher standard, especially if they expect to earn our votes and represent us.

Sadly, some candidates prefer to engage in dirty politics because it’s the only way they can win. My son — Danny Tarkanian, the Republican nominee for Congress in Nevada’s Third Congressional District — has experienced that several times in the past from competitors. In 2009, Danny was the first public figure in Nevada’s history to win a defamation lawsuit. His opponent maliciously claimed that Danny helped set up telemarketing scams. Even though a unanimous jury ruled his opponent lied about him and his current opponent, Democrat Susie Lee, is aware of the court ruling, Susie continues to spread these lies.

Does she feel being empowered with lots of personal riches gives her the authority to not speak the truth? Does she feel her support of long time embedded politicians gives her that right? Is this what we’ve come to in the election process?

This type of behavior is truly abhorrent and inexcusable. When will the lies stop?

Susie Lee’s most recent lie especially sickens me. Her campaign now claims that Danny borrowed money from a life insurance policy belonging to my husband and me.

My husband suffered a heart attack in 2014 and his fragile health required assistance. Danny, without hesitation, began taking care of his father. On a daily basis, Danny spent hours caring for his father. Because our homes sit adjacent to each other, Danny was able to respond to several life-threatening circumstances which saved his father’s life.

During that time, like so many Nevada families affected by the housing crash, Danny and his family found themselves upside down in their mortgage. My husband and I asked him to pay down his home so that he could continue living close to us. In spite of everything that was happening, Danny stepped up in a big way for our entire family by making the decision to borrow against our life insurance in order to do what was needed to keep our families together.

He had our blessing on the decisions he made. The loans he took out were repaid in-full, with interest. Danny made a tough decision that our family fully agrees was the right decision.

It’s so disheartening to read of the many lies being spread about a personal family matter. I am sickened and angered by the false statements made by fellow Democrats. I expect better from all candidates for public office, and the public deserves to be told the truth. This was an especially difficult period of time and a private matter between a very close-knit family. It is truly a shame that a desperate politician, in an effort to get elected, would try to use this to deceive the public.

Lois Tarkanian has served as an elected member of the Las Vegas, Nevada, City Council since 2005. She is mother to Danny Tarkanian, the GOP nominee for the open seat in Nevada’s Third Congressional District.


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