Counting Illegal Aliens in Congressional Districts Will Strip Red States of Representation

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Counting illegal aliens when dividing up congressional seats and electoral college votes is likely to strip some red states of representation and give blue states with large foreign populations more representation.

During an exclusive interview on SiriusXM Patriot Channel’s Breitbart News Saturday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) revealed that red states like Alabama are set to lose congressional seats should illegal aliens — rather than only American citizens — continue to be counted in congressional apportionment.

Currently, congressional seats and electoral college votes are divided up by counting all persons in each district, including illegal aliens. This allows states like California and Florida to receive 20 additional congressional seats and electoral college votes, according to Brooks, as American citizens’ votes are diluted in the process.

Alabama is just one example of a red state with a small illegal alien population that is set to lose a congressional seat if illegal aliens keep being counted in the apportionment:

Going forward into 2020, the odds are, that Census will result in Alabama losing a congressional seat and an electoral college vote for the president of the United States if illegal aliens are counted. [Emphasis added]

So that will definitely be to the detriment to the people of the state of Alabama. It will deny our equal voting rights … under the 14th Amendment. [Emphasis added]

And so I have, as a plaintiff … filed a lawsuit in federal court to not allow the counting of illegal aliens in the Census for the purpose of distributing electoral college votes and congressional seats. Hopefully, the federal court will realize the wisdom of what we say and afford equal protection to American citizens and time will tell how it plays out. [Emphasis added]

Listen to the full interview here:

As Breitbart News has reported, the counting of only American citizens to divide up congressional districts and electoral college votes would shift power away from the affluent, metropolitan coastal cities of the U.S. and towards middle America.

If congressional districts were set by the number of citizens, the overall average population needed per congressional seat could decrease to about 670,000 citizens per district. This would give a stronger advantage for states with small illegal alien populations to gain and keep their current number of congressional seats.

For instance, if by counting citizens, a state like Ohio, with few illegal aliens, could possibly gain a congressional seat, increasing the state’s total number of representatives to 17. Current projections suggest Ohio will lose a congressional seat.

In West Virginia, which is also slated to lose a congressional seat, the state could keep their three districts if the redistricting is counted by citizens. Indiana, as well, — with less than 180,000 noncitizen residents — would potentially increase its congressional seats from nine to ten if apportionment is based on the number of citizens in the state.

Currently, the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants every year, with more than 70 percent coming to the country through the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. In the next 20 years, the current U.S. legal immigration system is on track to import roughly 15 million new foreign born voters. Between seven and eight million of those foreign born voters will arrive in the U.S. through chain migration.

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