Donald Trump Rips JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon After Weak Political Challenge

JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon is interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Friday, July 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
AP Photo/Richard Drew

President Donald Trump ripped Jamie Dimon Thursday after the JPMorgan CEO boasted that he could beat the president in an election.

“The problem with banker Jamie Dimon running for President is that he doesn’t have the aptitude or “smarts” & is a poor public speaker & nervous mess – otherwise he is wonderful,” Trump wrote on Twitter after hearing Dimon’s comments.

Dimon said he could beat Trump in an election, saying he was “as tough” and “smarter” than the president.

“He could punch me all he wants, it wouldn’t work with me. I’d fight right back,” Dimon said during a panel discussion with ABC News reporter Rebecca Jarvis.

Dimon admitted during the discussion that he was wrong during the 2016 presidential election when he predicted a wealthy New Yorker like Trump would never win.

But he said Trump made his money through “a gift from daddy,” while he “actually earned his money.”

“I grew up in a poorer part of Queens than he did, but I am a banker. I am part of the elite,” Dimon continued. “I don’t think the American public looks at Trump as part of the elite. They look at him as the upstart who punched the elite in the nose every day. And so I think I could beat Trump.”

Trump replied that Dimon and other wealthy Wall Street bankers were benefiting from his economic policies.

“I’ve made a lot of bankers, and others, look much smarter than they are with my great economic policy!” he wrote.

During the panel, Dimon admitted that it would be difficult to win a presidential election as a Democrat.

“I can’t beat the liberal side of the Democratic party,” he lamented, urging Democrats to “get their act together in terms of understanding how society actually works.”

After the event, Dimon apologized for popping off.

“I should not have said it,” he said in a statement. “I’m not running for President. Proves I wouldn’t make a good politician. I get frustrated because I want all sides to come together to help solve big problems.”


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