Albuquerque Man Wearing Trump Shirt Turned Away from Voting

This man says he was turned away at polls because of the shirt he was wearing:

Greg Malafronte was wrongly turned away from his local Albuquerque, New Mexico, polling center on Friday morning because he was wearing a “Trump 2016” T-shirt.

When Malafronte presented his ballot to the polling staff, he was told it would not be accepted due to restrictions against wearing political apparel when voting. He was not, however, actually in the wrong. Guidelines explicitly forbid voters from wearing political messaging about candidates on the ballot — but Trump, of course, is not.

According to Secretary of State Communications Director Alex Curtis:

The standard for what political apparel is now acceptable in polling places changed as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court case earlier this summer. Our office has been working with our county clerks to educate volunteer polling officials of the new ground rules and to make sure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot.

After being refused, Malafronte tore up his ballot and walked away. He did return later to exercise his right as an American citizen. As to his support of the POTUS? ““No matter who our president is, it’s our commander and chief. I’m a military vet, so I stand by that ground. Whoever our commander and chief is, I support,” Malafronte said.


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