***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Florida Rally for DeSantis, Scott

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump will hold a Saturday evening rally in Pensacola, Florida, for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis and Florida Governor and GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott.

Trump held a rally in Montana earlier in the day and will hold five more rallies before Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Those at the rally will most likely have plenty of time to catch the clash in Death Valley between the Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU.

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8:52 PM: Trump: “We really love our country… let’s not blow it.”

8:48 PM: Trump says he is just getting started while Democrats want to take everything back in reverse to empower the ruling class that only cares about itself. Trump reminds the crowd that the MAGA movement started because of the bipartisan ruling class that was out of touch with Americans.

8:39 PM: Trump repeats that Democrats want to turn the country into a sanctuary for criminals like MS-13. “No thank you, we don’t want them,” Trump says, promising to throw the gang members and the predators out. “They’re out.”

Trump says vote for Democrats if you want to protect criminal aliens and vote for Republicans if you want to protect American citizens.

8:37 PM: Trump says it’s suspicious how the caravans are forming and guesses  the caravans have “energized our base.”

Trump says Democrats want to give illegal aliens free benefits because they think they will vote for Democrats.

Like he said in Montana, Trump says Democrats only believe in defending borders of other countries.

8:36 PM: Trump says Democrats want to protect preexisting conditions while Democrats want to raid health care funds to give health care to illegal aliens.

8:35 PM: Trump tells Florida’s seniors that Republicans will protect Medicare and Social Security benefits that they have earned and paid for…

8:33 PM: Trump says Andrew Gillum is “not equipped to be your governor… It’s not for him.”

“He won’t say it, but he knows it,” Trump says.

8:25 PM: DeSantis on stage. He says Trump got a bigger crowd today than Obama got yesterday for Gillum. DeSantis says he’s the only candidate running for governor who can say he has never had his palms greased by an undercover FBI agent while in office. DeSantis says he’ll try to bring the Trump organization to Palm Beach.

He reminds voters that he will support the police, unlike Gillum.

He promises voters that Florida will not have sanctuary cities and “Florida will never be a sanctuary state” if he is elected governor.

8:21 PM: Trump says DeSantis stands 100% with the men and women of law enforcement and is running against a “radical socialist named Andrew Gillum who will not do good things for Florida.”

Trump says Gillum will tax and regulate the state into oblivion. He says Gillum wants to abolish ICE and wants to flood your cities with criminal aliens. Trump says Gillum “pledged his support to end all borders.”

“You believe that? End borders,” Trump says. “So when you have people camping out on your front lawns, remember Gillum.”

Trump talks about violent members of the migrant caravan and says, “We don’t put up with it. We don’t want that in our country.”

“They broke through the Mexican military … these aren’t babies,” Trump says. “They broke through viciously….We’re not having ’em… They don’t break through our  military.”

8:20 PM: Trump says he has never received a call from Nelson to help out the people of Florida in two years while Scott calls him all the time. Trump says Floridians are going to choose a governor to continue the economic boom Scott accelerated.

8:16 PM: Trump introduces Scott, and he tells Floridians that Trump was always on the phone with him after the hurricane to ask him what the state needed. Scott blasts Nelson as someone who will grow government and says he needs term limits.

8:15 PM: Trump says what the Democrats did to Kavanaugh “started a movement” and blasts the woman who falsely accused Kavanaugh of rape like he did at the Montana rally,

8:08 PM: Trump praises Scott and touts his record of cutting taxes and removing job-killing regulations.

Trump warns if Gillum becomes governor, “he will destroy Florida in one year or two years, if he is doing a good job.”

8:05 PM: Bowden says: “Trump plus God is a majority.” Trump talks about having Bobby Knight with him last night in Indiana.

8:02 PM: Bowden backs DeSantis and Scott. He talks about first coming to Florida State in the 1960s as a assistant coach and recruiting Pensacola. He likens DeSantis and Scott to 5-star recruits. Calls them the “best players.”

(Bowden also coached at West Virginia–there’s a lot of West Virginia sports ties this election cycle).

8:00 PM: Trump says sports is a microcosm of society and introduces Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield. Trump says he made so much money on Holyfield (his son just finished up playing running back for the Georgia Bulldogs as they defeated Kentucky a few hours before).

Trump also introduces legendary former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden. He kids that he would have won a more titles if he had a field goal kicker (wide right).

7:59 PM: Trump says it’s “pretty simple” and “cute”–a Republican Congress means more jobs and fewer crime while a Democrat Congress means more crime and fewer jobs.

7:56 PM: Trump warns Democrats will put “illegal aliens before American citizens. Not good.”

7:55 PM: “We are where the action is,” Trump says of all of the prime ministers he speaks to…He says if Floridians want higher taxes, they should vote for Gillum. Trump says Gillum will destroy the state he loves

7:52 PM: Trump warns that if Schumer, Pelosi, and the legendary Maxine Waters take over, they will try to “double, triple, quadruple your taxes.”

He says Democrats will increase regulations, take away your health care and “impose socialism on the state of Florida” while erasing America’s borders.

“Welcome to Venezuela,” Trump says. He says America needs to have a strong and powerful border to be a great country.

Trump talks about the caravan and says, “that’s not for us, folks.”

7:49 PM: Trump: “Everything is made in the U.S….that’s a good thing.” He now talks about not having to us a strong military. He says America is being respected again because “we are finally putting America First.” Crowd chants “USA! USA!”

Trump says his crowds sound like football stadiums in Florida.

7:47 PM: Trump says are more Americans are working today than ever before. “That’s a good soundbite,” he says. Trump says Democrats will have a tough time debating him about economics.

But he says he has to debate three people–the questioner, the candidate, and the biased media.

Trump telling stories about how the media fawned over Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle.

7:45 PM: Addressing cable news critics who say he should be talking about the economy more, Trump says “we have the hottest economy,” but, “I’m here to solve problems.”

Trump says he has to talk about illegal immigration because it’s a serious problem for the country.

7:43 PM: Trump tells the crowd this election is about continuing the MAGA agenda versus the “radical Democrats.” He says Scott is running against someone who falls asleep a lot while DeSantis is running against someone who has a lot of energy but has mismanaged Tallahassee.

7:42 PM: “We’re just days away from one of the most important elections in our lives,” Trump says. “This is a big one.”

7:41 PM: Trump says he loves Florida and the panhandle.

“And you got hit. But nobody like you to build it back,” Trump says. Trump marvels when talking about how even the foundations of the houses were gone after the Hurricane.

7:40 PM: Trump takes the stage in Pensacola and the crowd is jacked up. He says we might as well cancel the election if it is based on crowd size.

7:30 PM: Vice President Mike Pence stumping for DeSantis and Scott before Trump takes the stage. He’s touting the great economy after talking about having put the migrant caravan “on notice.” He says jobs and confidence are roaring back under Trump.

“In a word, America is back,” Pence says. “And we’re just getting started, Florida!”

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