Ann Coulter: I’m Glad to See the Pro-Amnesty Republicans Go

Ann Coulter joined Breitbart News and SiriusXM Patriot on Tuesday for special coverage of Election Night 2018.

Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow, along with co-hosts Andrew Wilkow of the Wilkow Majority, David Webb of the David Webb Show, and Rick Ungar of the Steele & Ungar show were joined by special guest Ann Coulter on Tuesday night for special live coverage of Election Night 2018 on SiriusXM Patriot. (Interview begins above at time-code 2:05:40.)

Coulter seemed optimistic, despite the GOP being in imminent danger of losing the House of Representatives.

“I always figured the House was lost,” said Coulter, “I was worried about the Senate, and wow, we did not lose the Senate.”

“We held seats, picked up seats,” said Coulter excitedly, “The Senate is the important body, as the Kavanaugh hearings just demonstrated. We can still confirm the judges, Trump isn’t being removed from office, and this temporary [Democrat] control of the House, I mean, that’s the way things go.”

“How many seats did Obama lose in his first midterm election?” Reminisced Coulter, “It was like 63, it was a blowout.”

Coulter added that she was glad to get rid of “deadwood” Republicans in the House.

“It’s never good for Democrats to have control of anything, don’t get me wrong.”

“I’m glad to see a lot of those Republicans go — and also, now Trump can’t sit around blaming the admittedly useless congressional Republicans. So, maybe someone will remind him that he’s the Commander-in-chief, and he doesn’t need Congress to build the wall.”

“Just build the wall and put lots of judges on the courts — and you’ll guarantee your reelection,” said Coulter, as advice to President Donald Trump.

Coulter closed her interview by reminding our hosts what the future will be like under Democratic Party leadership in the House.

“The annoying thing — and I mean, it’ll be annoying to Trump, but I think he should get over it,” laughed Coulter, “It’s going to be fantastic, and will guarantee his reelection — what we’re going to see is a lot more of Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.”

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