Exclusive/Watch — Charlie Kirk: Leftists Want to Destroy Western Civilization

Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News on Friday that Leftists want the complete and fundamental destruction of Western civilization, and that he hopes the Republican Party has learned that it needs to keep fighting in order to win.

“I hope [the Republican Party] is now a Party that fights,” said Kirk to Breitbart News, at his 4th annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, “I hope we become a Party that understands when we fight, we win.”

“Make no mistake that the number one lesson we can learn from the Trump presidency is that republicans are allowed to fight — in fact, we have to — and when we do fight, we’re going to win.”

Kirk mentioned the Kavanaugh hearings as the most recent example of what it means to fight for and preserve the nation’s principles.

“The Left’s number one weapon against us is the mob,” continued Kirk, “They love using it, whether it be the boycotts — social media — trying to storm us out of college campuses — trying to come and find us in the streets.”

“They are a mob, and they like to use the mob to silence us.”

Kirk, who recently returned from a trip to London, said that his organization, Turning Point USA, can be expected to expand to new countries soon.

“It’s becoming a worldwide movement,” said Kirk, “And look, this is a fight for Western civilization now. Obviously, America is the most important piece — as America goes, the entire world goes.”

Kirk stated that allies to the United States and liberty are looking for an organization like his, to help fight against Marxism and the radical Left.

“The message will stay the same” added Kirk, “Freedom must be protected and preserved in all countries — the free enterprise system is the most moral, proven, and effective economic system ever discovered — the Rule of Law must be paramount to any sort of civil society.”

“Western civilization is the greatest experiment that has occurred ever, in the history of humanity.”

Kirk also pointed out the difference between a liberal and a Leftist.

“Liberals actually might want to preserve America, they just have a different way to interpret it. Leftists want the complete and fundamental destruction of Western civilization in this country,” said Kirk.

“[Leftists] think capitalism is a mistake, they think we live in a rigged patriarchy, they think the Judeo-Christian construct is evil. They want to burn down everything that we love and we hold dear.”

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