Exclusive — Candace Owens Announces First Blexit Rally: ‘We’ll See You in Los Angeles’

Candace Owens speaking with attendees at the 2018 Young Women's Leadership Summit
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens announced that the first Blexit rally will take place in Los Angeles, California.

“In celebration of the White Woman’s March crashing and burning— we’d like to formally announce the first 2019 #BLEXIT rally,” Owens said, knocking the left-wing group oft-accused of anti-Semitism and which had to cancel its California event reportedly over fears that attendance would have been “overwhelmingly white.”

“We’ll see you in Los Angeles on January 20th!” Candace Owens said.

“It’s undeniable that the minority conservative movement is growing. Everyday more and more of us are waking up to the realization that we are pawns in a white liberal game for power,” Owen told Breitbart News in an email Sunday, adding that, “2019 will be about pulling us all together— Black, hispanics, and asians who are fed up with the Left— to create a grassroots campaign against the poisonous ideologies of Socialism and extreme liberalism.”

Owens launched Blexit — black America’s exit from the “liberal plantation” — to much fanfare in October.

Speakers at the event include, Owens, Brandon Tatum, David Harris Jr., Rob Smith Jr. and Major Williams, among others. A question and answer segment is also expected during the event, which is free to the public.

“We have more scheduled events which we will be announcing soon in Dallas, Texas — Memphis Tennessee, Fort Lauderdale, and of course — Chicago. I suggest Democrats pay attention, because we are done being used as their voter mules,”  the Turning Point USA leader said. “Our plan is to move the minority vote 20 points by 2020. It can be done and the Left knows that— which is why they have rushed to smear virtually every major black conservative thought-leader upon the political stage.”

“BLEXIT is the real #TimesUp movement,” said Owens, alluding to the star-studded anti-sexual harassment movement.

“We will no longer allow liberal extremists to continue to use our skin complexion to gain progress and power for absolutely no one but themselves,” she added.
Check here for more information on the upcoming Blexit event.

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