Donald Trump Predicts Jeff Flake Will ‘Probably Work for CNN’

Senator Jeff Flake, seen here at a White House meeting early this month with President Donald Trump, says a deal to regularize many undocumented immigrants is in the making (AFP/File SAUL LOEB)

President Donald Trump ridiculed his former Republican Senate critics, predicting at the White House on Wednesday that former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake will probably end up working for CNN.

“So Jeff Flake is now selling real estate or whatever he’s doing. He’ll probably go to work for CNN,” Trump said. “That’s my prediction.”

Trump recalled his former Senate critics after receiving additional criticism in an op-ed written by incoming Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

Flake was a good source for CNN political reporters and repeatedly appeared on the network to criticize the president.

Trump ridiculed Flake for writing a book about how Republicans could win presidential elections again.

“Didn’t work out too well, that book,” Trump said, reminding Flake that he won the presidency in 2016. “We won in 2016 because we didn’t want to wait until 2020.”

The president also mocked Sen. Bob Corker for initially praising and working with him but eventually criticizing him.

“His ratings tubed,” Trump said, referring to Corker. “He couldn’t have come in fourth in the primary.”

The president urged Romney to be a “team player.”

“With Mitt, I hope he’s a team player, but if he’s not, that’s okay, too,” Trump said.


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