Shinzo Abe: ‘I Never Said I Didn’t’ Nominate Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not deny nominating President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize as a result of his diplomatic efforts with North Korea.

“I never said I didn’t,” Abe said in response to a question from Parliament lawmakers in Japan.

Abe declined to comment affirmatively to Trump’s assertion that he had received a kind letter from Abe about his decision to nominate him for the Nobel Prize.

“In light of the Nobel committee’s policy of not disclosing recommenders and nominees for 50 years, I decline to comment,” Abe said, according to the Guardian.

Trump revealed the existence of the letter on Friday, speaking with reporters at a press conference at the White House.

“He said, ‘I have nominated you’ or ‘Respectfully, on behalf of Japan, I am asking them to give you the Nobel Peace Prize,'” Trump recalled about Abe. “I said, ‘Thank you. Many other people feel that way, too.'”

Abe has developed a friendship with Trump, golfing with him on multiple occasions and staying at his Mar-a-Lago club.

Trump said it was unlikely that he would ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, noting that the committee gave Obama a prize before he did anything.

“I’ll probably never get it, but that’s okay,” Trump said, adding, “With me, I probably will never get it.”


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