Kentucky Gov. Bevin: Abortion Advocates Seeking ‘Mass Murder of Innocent Babies’

A mother holds the foot of her newborn baby on July 7, 2018 at the hospital in Nantes, western France.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) said the passage of the New York abortion law has made clear the real agenda of left-wing abortion advocates is the “mass murder of innocent babies.”

In an op-ed at the Richmond Register, the Republican governor observed the New York law and similar bills in Virginia and other states have clarified that abortion advocates “have dropped the pretense of ‘safe, legal and rare’” abortion.

“With the passage of a barbaric new law in New York, we now see that the true agenda of pro-abortion advocates across this nation is the mass murder of innocent babies, even after they have been born and are crying for their mothers,” Bevin wrote.

The pro-life governor reviewed his agenda and thanked the Kentucky General Assembly for its “overwhelming bipartisan support” of measures intended to save the lives of the unborn.

“On average, these bills passed with over 80 percent support of representatives and senators from both parties,” Bevin explained.

Currently, Bevin has signed into law bills that ban abortion after the fifth month of pregnancy, ban dismemberment abortions, and require an ultrasound prior to abortion so the mother can choose to see her unborn baby.

Bevin said his legal team is working to defend these laws in court because Andy Beshear, Kentucky’s Democrat attorney general, has “refused to defend these laws.”

The governor explained:

In a futile attempt to intimidate our legislators from passing additional protections in this session, Beshear decried proposed bills for 2019 as unconstitutional. Beshear has now made a habit of being to the left of Planned Parenthood on abortion. He previously (and erroneously) wrote that our 20-week abortion ban would be unconstitutional, even though Planned Parenthood has never challenged that law in court.

Bevin noted as well that Planned Parenthood and its allies recently announced a campaign to “pool their ample economic and legal resources to fight against Kentucky babies.”

“Those groups are bringing $90 million into our state, along with additional armies of liberal lawyers to try to tear down Kentucky laws protecting life,” he wrote.

The governor condemned those “applauding infanticide and playing word games by calling murder a ‘choice’” as they make the claim such acts are the marks of “courageous” women.

“On the contrary, standing up for life, with the current state of our culture and against the countless millions of lobbying dollars from leftists, is a display of true courage,” Bevin wrote. “As long as the Bevin administration exists, we will fight with all of our intellect, our talent, and our heart to defend the innocent. We will fight for life.”


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