Goodwin: One Truthful Democrat Emerges to Call out Party’s ‘Delusions’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler. Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Image

Michael Goodwin writes in the New York Post about Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, who casts a clear eye on the senseless and losing positions taken by leaders of his own Democrat Party:

Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska senator and governor, was always one of my favorite politicians in part because his politics weren’t perfectly polished. Among other free-wheeling moments, he called fellow Democrat Bill Clinton an “uncommonly good liar” and said a requirement for becoming president is that you must “want it more than life itself.”

Kerrey moved on to academia and now to an investment bank, but hasn’t lost the willingness to break ranks with his party. The habit surfaces in a withering criticism of current Democrats, in which he says they are suffering from two major “delusions.”

“The first,” he writes in an op-ed in the Omaha World-Herald, “is that Americans long for a president who will ask us to pay more for the pleasure of increasing the role of the federal government in our lives.”

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