Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Gets Tattoo Celebrating Acquittal

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, 40, has celebrated being cleared of the murder of an Islamic State captive by getting a huge tattoo of his wife's eyes

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher celebrated his acquittal Tuesday by having a picture of his wife’s eyes tattooed on his arm.

Photos of the tattoo were posted to the “Free Eddie Gallagher” Facebook page on Wednesday night. “So this happened,” the caption under the photos showing the stages of the tattoo’s development says.

Photos of his new ink in various stages of progress were posted to the Facebook page 'Free Eddie Gallagher' late on Wednesday

Photos of his new ink in various stages of progress were posted to the Facebook page ‘Free Eddie Gallagher’ late on Wednesday

The tattoo depicts the eyes of Gallagher’s wife, Andrea, framed in the folds of an American flag. Reports state that she campaigned relentlessly for her husband’s acquittal after he was accused by junior SEALS in 2017 of stabbing a wounded ISIS fighter and shooting at civilians during a deployment in Mosul, Iraq.

President Trump on Wednesday tweeted his congratulations to the Gallagher family after the acquittal was announced.

“Congratulations to Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, his wonderful wife Andrea, and his entire family. You have been through much together. Glad I could help!” he wrote.

Members of Gallagher’s legal team, Timothy Parlatore and Mark L. Mukasey, told reporters as they exited the courthouse Tuesday that the acquittal was a “huge victory.”

“The jury found him not guilty of the murder, not guilty of the stabbing, not guilty of the shootings, not guilty of all those things,” Parlatore said. “They did find him guilty of taking a photograph with a dead terrorist, which we admitted from the beginning he was in that photograph.”

However, Gallagher will now have his rank reduced to an E6 paygrade and was sentenced to pay $2,697 monthly for the next four months. Gallagher also plans to retire in three weeks as he will reach the 20 year anniversary of his service, Fox News reported.

“But we knew the truth the whole time,” Gallagher said during an interview Wednesday. “We knew I was innocent of these charges. I overcame it by having my strong wife with me the whole time and my legal team fighting for me.”


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