Donald Trump Questions Liberal Plastic Straw Bans

Trump Plastic Straw

President Donald Trump questioned Friday why cities like Washington, DC and Los Angeles were banning plastic straws.

“I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws,” Trump said to reporters at the White House when asked about the subject.

The president spoke about plastic straws as he left the White House for a series of fundraisers in New York City.

“Everybody focuses on the straws, there’s a lot of other things to focus on,” he said.

He questioned why plates and cups were not also banned.

“You know it’s interesting about plastic straws, so you have a little straw, but what about the plates, the wrappers, and everything else that are much bigger and made of the same material?” he asked.
Democrats argue that banning straws reduces the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills or the ocean.

Trump’s re-election campaign is selling specially branded plastic straws to ridicule the existing bans passed in municipalities controlled by Democrats.

“Liberal paper straws don’t work,” the website reads. “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today.”

The straws are currently sold out.


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