Elizabeth Warren: Green New Deal Is About ‘Racial Justice’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told attendees of CNN’s climate change town hall Wednesday evening that the Green New Deal is about “racial justice.”

Warren — a proponent of the Green New Deal — released her comprehensive multi-trillion-dollar climate change proposal Wednesday and told the CNN town hall audience that her aggressive climate change plan is about more than saving the planet — it is also about “racial justice.”

Chris Cuomo asked Warren how her plan will affect individuals with jobs in the fossil fuel industry, and she responded by arguing that Green New Deal proposals are about “racial justice” and “worker justice.”

“What do you do to those men and women who are working in that industry now, who worry about being displaced?” Cuomo asked.

“I think this is one of the best parts about the Green New Deal,” Warren said. “It’s not only about setting the targets on green so that we save this planet. It’s about a new deal for people who work.”

“It’s about justice for people whose communities have been destroyed. It’s about racial justice on environmental issues,” she continued. “It’s about worker justice.”

Warren’s climate change plan addresses the question Cuomo pitched, promising “financial security” to coal workers and others in the fossil fuel industry via “early retirement benefits — job training, union protections, and benefits, and guaranteeing wage and benefit parity for affected workers.”


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