Democrat Former CIA Officer: Impeachment Inquiry Sets ‘Horrific Precedent’

Trump Arms Crossed
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House Democrats who are moving ahead with an impeachment inquiry on President Trump have set a “horrific precedent,” said Democrat former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright.

“Now the American people are being told we’re going to impeach the president … but guess what America, you can’t ask any questions of any of these people because they have certain protections,” Wright said during an interview on Fox & Friends Friday.

“That’s a sham; that doesn’t make any sense. That is an effort ultimately to kneecap … the president of the United States. This president or any other president, it is a horrific precedent,” he concluded.

The former CIA officer said that if the “whistleblower” is being used in an effort to try and remove President Trump, the individual should be forced to testify before Congress.

“You better stand up and do it publicly,” said Wright. He also criticized House Democrats for moving forward without gathering all of the facts.

“This isn’t about trying to get facts. We’ve already decided, as a partisan Democratic Party. I’m sorry to say, we’ve already decided we have to get rid of the president. We’re moving forward with it, irrespective of facts. That is clear.”

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed, without evidence, that Russia was involved in the phone conversation in July between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I think Russia has a hand in this, by the way,” Pelosi said during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

She continued:

We saw what the Russian disruption of our election last time, their interference, 100% confidence of the intelligence community, high confidence in the intelligence community, that the Russians disrupted our election. That was wrong. The integrity of our elections is central to our democracy. So what the president did in inviting outside intervention into our election, it goes beyond the pale.

On Saturday, President Trump criticized Democrats on Twitter for focusing all of their efforts on impeachment:

On September 21, Breitbart News reported that Congressional Republicans defended President Trump against the Democrats and the accusations made by the “whistleblower.”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“Democrats come out, they’re all spun up, Adam Schiff makes all kinds of statements, and then when the facts come out — Whoa, different story! This seems to be the same kind of deal,” he concluded.

However, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Friday that she hopes the impeachment inquiry will be completed before 2020 primary voting begins in February.

“Do you think it’s important that all of this be wrapped up before voting begins in February?” CNN’s political correspondent, MJ Lee, asked Warren on Friday’s broadcast of OutFront.

“Oh, I hope that it is. I’d like to see us get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible,” she replied.


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