GoFundMe for ‘Whistleblower’ Raises More than $157,000

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An anonymous “whistleblower” claiming alleged misconduct by President Donald Trump has raised more than $157,000 in a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign as of Sunday afternoon.

The group Whistleblower Aid created a GoFundMe page titled “Help the Intelligence Officer Whistleblower” on Wednesday, and has already raised more than $157,000 for this person.

The GoFundMe page states that all proceeds from the fundraiser would go “toward the whistleblower’s legal fees.” The “whistleblower” alleged that Trump pressed Ukraine’s leader to investigate 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden, and has caused House Democrats to start a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Mark Zaid, who serves as the “whistleblower’s” lawyer, confirmed the fundraising effort in a Wednesday night tweet.

“We would appreciate any and all support US citizens can give,” Zaid tweeted.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed Wednesday that the identity of the unknown “whistleblower” has a political bias in favor of one of Trump’s 2020 rivals.

The “whistleblower”— who is reported to be a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer— said in the complaint the knowledge was obtained from “White House officials” but was not firsthand knowledge, according to a Justice Department official.

Members of Congress had opinions largely along partisan lines about whether the “whistleblower” was really a true “whistleblower.”

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said in a Thursday interview with Breitbart News Daily’s Alex Marlow that the purported government bureaucrat not only does not meet the standard as a “whistleblower,” but is also someone with a political bias.

2020 Democrat candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said in a Friday CNN interview she feared for the “whistleblower’s” safety, framing the person as someone “trying to get to the truth.”


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