Watch–Texas Sheriff: Illegal Alien ‘Drunks Will Run over Your Children’ if Released by Sanctuary Cities

Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn warned law enforcement agencies against shielding illegal aliens from deportation with sanctuary policies, saying those who have been arrested for drunk driving will “run over your children” if released from custody.

During a press conference at the White House, Tarrant County, Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn said local jurisdictions must not be forced to release criminal illegal aliens from custody by federal judges.

Waybourn said:

If these people want to change things, Capital Hill is down the street, and that’s where they’re changed at. They’re not the policymakers. And people often get confused with that. But grilling down just a little bit in Tarrant County, Texas, it’s the 15th largest county in the nation, is this morning we had 4,200 inmates out of that 7 percent were illegal aliens. And they were being held for such offenses as murder, sexual assault of children — there was about 70 of them — and so, and there were robbers in there and kidnappers and people who committed arson and people who were DWI. [Emphasis added]

And out of that, you know, you think about that if we returned them with this radical ruling out of California where you have a federal judge making law for the nation, or attempting to, it will put our communities in jeopardy. Of those people that we have in custody, we know for a fact that 72 percent of them are repeat offenders. So if we have to turn them loose or they get released they’re coming back to your neighborhood in my neighborhood. These drunks will run over your children, and they will run over my children. And if that happens, I know that you will want, and certainly, I would want for you, the full force of the law and immigration is part of that full force. These people have come into the country illegally. [Emphasis added]

Waybourn said illegal alien children are often the victims of illegal alien sex offenders in Tarrant County, noting that his sheriff’s office works with the victims to prosecute the perpetrator.

“And the people that we have in jail, are here illegally in the first place,” Waybourn said. “Then they commit an offense against one of our citizens. And often, some people from their own community. For instance, aggravated sexual assault on children are not children who are legally here, they are their children that are here illegally. Unfortunately, those people are crying out, and we’re taking care of them and treating them as victims.”

Every year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrest tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have been convicted of drunk driving, often killing Americans in the process, and illegal alien sex offenders. In 2018, alone, ICE agents arrested 54,630 illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving. Another nearly 5,000 illegal alien sex offenders were arrested, along with 1,641 illegal aliens who had been convicted of murder.

Watch the full ICE press conference here:

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