Transgender Activist: ‘CNN, You Have Erased Black Trans Women for the Last Time’

A black transgender activist interrupted a question and took the microphone on Thursday night’s CNN Equality Town Hall, where the individual claimed CNN had “erased black trans women.”

“I don’t want to take this away from you, but let me tell you something,” the activist said while taking the microphone during an audience question. “Black trans women are being killed in this country, and, CNN, you have erased black trans women for the last time.”

“Let me tell you something, black trans women are dying,” the transgender audience member added. “Our lives matter. I am an extraordinary black trans woman and I deserve to be here. My black trans sisters that are here, I am tired. I am so tired of just sitting there.”

The activist identified herself as Blossom when CNN host Don Lemon stepped in to de-escalate the situation.

“The reason that we are here is to validate people like you,” Lemon told Blossom. “That is why we are here.”

As Blossom continued to speak to the crowd, Lemon stood on stage with Democrat presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. Lemon gave the microphone back to Blossom, who added, “Baby, your actions have to speak louder than words because guess what? Not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight. Not one black trans man has taken the mic tonight.”

As Blossom gave the microphone back to Lemon, he said, “we want to hear from you.”

Blossom then spoke about “anti-blackness” and pleaded for the “opportunity” to be heard.

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