Trump: Hillary Clinton Helping Tulsi Gabbard by Calling Her Russian Agent

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (R-HI) addresses the crowd during the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 22, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina. Democratic presidential hopefuls are converging on South Carolina this weekend for a host of events where the candidates can directly address an important …
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

President Donald Trump said Monday that Hillary Clinton’s accusation that Tulsi Gabbard was “a favorite of the Russians” would only help her in the Democrat presidential primary.

“I think that Tulsi Gabbard probably got helped quite a bit by this,” Trump said.

The president spoke to reporters during a White House Cabinet meeting, criticizing Clinton’s remarks made on Friday.

“She’s the one that’s accusing everybody of being a Russian agent,” Trump said about Clinton. “Anybody that is opposed to her is a Russian agent, so that’s a scam that was pretty much put down.”

Trump defended Gabbard, despite the Hawaiian Congresswoman running to challenging him in the presidential election.

I don’t know Tulsi but she’s not a Russian agent,” Trump said.

He reminded reporters that Clinton had called him a Russian asset for years.

“These people are sick,” he added. “There’s something wrong with them.”

Clinton described Gabbard on Friday as a “favorite of the Russians” who was being “groomed” to run as a third-party candidate to help Trump win.

In response, Gabbard said Clinton was “the queen of warmongers,” the “embodiment of corruption,” and the “personification of the rot” in the Democrat party.

On Sunday, Gabbard sent a video to supporters, urging them to fight back against Clinton and the political elites.

“Hillary & her gang of rich, powerful elite are going after me to send a msg to YOU: ‘Shut up, toe the line, or be destroyed,'” she wrote on Twitter.


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