Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare for All Calculator’ Claims Everyone Saves

US Senator Elizabeth Warren (C), Democrat from Massachusetts, speaks with US Senator Berni

The “Medicare for All Calculator” provided by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign fails to give realistic or detailed answers, claiming that her program benefits the user no matter which answers they provide.

Warren released her $52 trillion Medicare for All proposal on Friday, which she says will not require a tax hike on middle class Americans, despite the fact it will harm workers in the form of suppressed wages, as Breitbart News reported.

Warren actually goes a step further, proclaiming that her plan could save families thousands per year, which she “proves” via a “Medicare for All Calculator” designed to assist individuals and families to “find out what Elizabeth’s plan for Medicare for All will mean for you.” However, the calculator largely issues the same canned response no matter how the user answers the questions.

The calculator asks, “Where do you get your health care right now?” and provides six options. Those are as follows:

  • My Job
  • Medicaid
  • Health Care Marketplace (Like Healthcare.gov)
  • Medicare
  • I Don’t Have Health Care Right Now

Four of the options – Medicaid, Medicare, VA/TRICARE, and I Don’t Have Health Care Right Now – do not require further information.

Medicaid and Medicare’s answer states, “You’re already covered, and under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan, you’d get even better coverage at almost no cost to you.”

“You’re already covered under VA/TRICARE, but you’d also have the option of enrolling in Medicare for All,” users who select VA/TRICARE are told.

Those who indicate that they do not already possess coverage are told that they will get “practically free health care for you and anyone else who needs it.”

The two remaining options require more information, asking the user “Roughly, how much do you spend each year on health care?” It appears, no matter the cost the user puts in, the calculator proclaims that the amount provided is the exact amount the user will save under her Medicare for All plan, displaying, “MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET” in all caps.

For example, if the user indicates they spend roughly $7,038 per year on health care, Warren’s calculator claims that “you’d bring home an estimated $7,038 more per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.” If the user puts in a figure $999 or less, it simply states, “You’d bring home more money per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.”

“That’s because you won’t have to pay for premiums or copays or any of the other ways health insurance companies stick you with the bill. What’s more, Elizabeth’s plan for Medicare for All doesn’t raise middle-class taxes by one penny,” the calculator states.

Warren claims she will fund her $52 trillion proposal via tax hikes on the wealthy, cuts to defense spending, and amnesty for illegal aliens.


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